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Get Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Borderlands 3, And 5 More Games For $12

This bundle is perfect for competitive players and loot-grinding co-op squads alike.


Humble’s new May Multiplayer Madness bundle offers up to seven PC games with online competitive or co-op multiplayer modes, including MMORPGs, strategy games, shooters, and more.

The bundle comes in two options--a three-game tier for $8 and a seven-game tier for $12. The $8 tier gets you three games, including the 4v4 multiplayer shooter Midnight Ghost Hunt, which pits a squad of ghost hunters against vengeful spirits. There’s also the RTS city-builder Northgard, and the open-world survival shooter Generation Zero.

Midnight Ghost Hunt, Northguard, and Generation Zero are also included in the $12 tier, along with four more multiplayer titles like the medieval MMORPG Gloria Victis. Gloria Victis is a sandbox MMO offering freeform character progression, a player-driven economy, and an emphasis on PvP and PvE warfare. This tier also includes the popular looter shooters Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition, as well as the online co-op starship simulator Pulsar: Lost Colony, which lets up to five players team up for Star Trek-like adventures in a massive open galaxy.

Like other Humble Bundles, a part of every May Multiplayer Madness bundle purchase goes to charity--in this case, the Bungie Foundation and No Kid Hungry, which offer food and other humanitarian aid to children around the world. While the $12 tier gets you everything in the May Multiplayer Madness bundle, customers can up their pledges higher or adjust the revenue split if they want to give more money to these charities or the games’ publishers. All game keys are redeemable via Steam.

The May Multiplayer Madness bundle is available at Humble through June 7, so be sure to snag the deal while it's still available.

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