Get Classic Sierra Adventure Games (Plus Some New Stuff) in the New Humble Bundle

Police Quest, Space Quest, Geometry Wars, Velocity 2X, and more.


The Humble Bundle continues its rapid rollout of quality offerings, this time with a bundle centered around Sierra.

The bulk of the new offer involves classic Sierra games like Police Quest, Space Quest, and Gabriel Knight. These are available at different tiers, with a mixture of more recent (Velocity 2X, Geometry Wars 3) and not-quite-so-recent (TimeShift) games.

Space Quest Collection
Space Quest Collection

Counting the individual games in each of the included collection, there are more than two dozen games here spanning three decades of Sierra's history. For as little as $1, you get almost half of these, with both the Space Quest and Police Quest collections being included.

The full lineup is as follows:

Pay $1 or more

Beat the average

Pay $15 or more

Pay $20 or more

All of these PC games are available on Windows, with a few also supporting Mac and Linux. Steam versions are available for all of them, with this bundle coming one day after many of these games were put up for sale on Steam. The bundle is a good deal in that regard, with the Space Quest Collection alone going for $20 on Steam.

As is the norm, you can choose to have some or all of your money go to a charity. Your purchase also comes with a 10 percent coupon for new subscribers to Humble Monthly.

Other recent Humble Bundles have included one with some excellent indie games. There's also an ongoing one that consists of PS3 and PS4 games for the first time ever.

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