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Get Cheap Wii U/3DS Games in Humble's First-Ever Console/Handheld Bundle

The Humble Nindie Bundle gets you games at a low price, and you can direct your money to charity.


The latest Humble Bundle features games for Wii U and 3DS, marking the first Humble Bundle to offer games for consoles and handhelds.

The Humble Nindie Bundle is comprised of a handful of indie games for the two Nintendo platforms. This bundle works like any other--you can pay any price you want (over $1) for certain games, while beating the average sale price gets you a few more, or paying at least a certain price (in this case, $10) gets you all of those games and two more. You're also free to distribute your money between Humble, the various games' developers, and charity.

More games will be added at some point over the next two weeks, but the current lineup looks like this:

Pay any price:

Beat the average price:

Pay $10 or more:

This Humble Bundle's charity is, a non-profit group that works to expand computer science education and encourage participation in the field by women and students of color.

Humble Bundles are typically comprised of PC and mobile games, though in recent years the company has branched out to occasionally offer things like ebooks and music albums.

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