Get Borderlands 3 $10 Off On PS4, Xbox One At Walmart Stores Today

Save some cash on this brand-new release.

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Borderlands 3 was first announced in April of this year, and now it's finally here. The new first-person shooter from Gearbox Software is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with the latter version exclusive to the Epic Games Store until April 2020.

If you can't wait to get your hands on Borderlands 3 this weekend, here's a way to save yourself some money if you're purchasing for PS4 or Xbox One. According to deals site Cheap Ass Gamer, Walmart stores are selling Borderlands 3 for $49.94 rather than $60 on release, a growing trend we've seen with other recent games like Astral Chain and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You'll have to physically go to your nearest Walmart store to take advantage of this offer; it doesn't appear to be available online.

The game earned an 8/10 in our Borderlands 3 review for its unique enemies and environments, new Vault Hunters bringing a variety of playstyles, and strategic weapon builds, although GameSpot's Jordan Ramée did take issue with the game's bullet-sponge bosses and disappointing villains. "Borderlands 3 has a few stumbling blocks when it comes to bosses, but these fights are overshadowed by the game's rewarding gunplay and over-the-top humor," he wrote.

"The game's character-driven narrative acts as a satisfying finale for the loot-shooter franchise, and the new mechanics and features--especially the reworked skill trees and weapon manufacturer effects--give you plenty of agency in how you want to play through it. If you've never been a fan of the franchise, it's unlikely Borderlands 3 does enough things differently to change your mind, as the game best excels at continuing what the series has always done: deliver a humorous tall tale of misfits looting and shooting their way to heroism."

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Avatar image for jsprunk

You get $10 off because you’re choosing to play an FPS game with a gimped control method.

Epic PC Master Race

Avatar image for santinegrete

Well the game is less than 60 bucks in all platforms it seems. If you really want to give this a go on PC I suggest you forget about the whole Epic Store exclusivity and go with it. Free games, and they're just doing what Valve did in 2004 with steam and Half-Life 2 and CSS, only Epic isn't killing a popular platform like WON for the sake of it. Anyone that has dealt with this and takes a piss on Epic is an hypocryte.

Avatar image for bonesbones

@santinegrete: Those game were directly developed by valve, so that is considerable different. Can you tie your own shoes because it would be surpising based on how stupid of a statement you made.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@bonesbones: so the platform exclusivity doesn't count for that then? Ha., sure. Don't twist your panties man, you just have to wait like a good boy and you can play whatever Epic has taken for you later. You can be mad, but the wait is imposed to you by you, keep lashing about doing this to yourself and denying it, If you can tell me what WON standed for I may take your statements. If not, go enjoy some let's play on youtube of whatever you're missing out :)

Avatar image for idakooz

Why no deal for PC version? Lame.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@idakooz: pc version already has a discount on Epic store and the DRM makes CD retail of any game useless after validation. And I mean: "can't reinstall into other PC and make it work without revalidating" useless.

Avatar image for bonesbones

@santinegrete: What discont? Oh ya, your just full of shit.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@bonesbones: 44.99< 59.99. I'm sorry I don't know if it's regional. You can always go to CDkeys tough. Good shit.

Avatar image for Super_Colossus

Don't bother ordering from Amazon. I ordered weeks ago and the delivery date was on the 17th. even if you get $10 off it's coming 4 days late.

Avatar image for beantownsean


4 Days late? I'll be waiting 6 months for the Steam release. All my other BL games are Steam, so as much as I like Epic....I'll wait.