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Time to return to the Chalice Dungeons.


Nearly five years after its release, Bloodborne remains of the best PS4 games you can get. The game has also proven popular enough to spawn some spinoffs, including a surprisingly good card game. If you haven't played it yet and are curious about it, Amazon currently has Bloodborne: The Card Game on sale for $28 (was $35).

Bloodborne: The Card Game | $17.47 ($35)
Bloodborne: The Card Game | $17.47 ($35)

Created by prolific designer Eric M. Long, the card game is set in Bloodborne's Chalice Dungeons, the partially randomized labyrinth beneath Yharnam known for its trying encounters and tricky bosses. Three to five Hunters draw five cards and wade into the fraught tombs.

The game has both co-op and competitive elements. During each turn, a monster spawns and deals damage based on a dice roll. When it's the Hunters turn to fight, the competitive side of the game sets in. While you do want to work with your teammates to conquer each foe, the name of the game is amassing Blood Echoes, the main currency from the video game. The more damage you deal, the more Blood Echoes you gain, and the player with the most Blood Echoes at the end of the run wins.

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Cards can be upgraded throughout the game and have different rules that you can tactically employ to gain the upper hand on both the monsters and your fellow Hunters. Sometimes it pays off to take risks, but if you die, which fittingly can happen rather quickly, you lose all of the progress you've made in the run. Playing it safe and leaving a fight lets you keep the Blood Echoes you've gathered thus far.

It's a simple game to catch onto, and rounds only last about 30 minutes. Even though it's based around Bloodborne, those who haven't played the PS4 hit will probably still enjoy this well-made card game.

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