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Get Battlefield 5 On Sale For $40 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Brand new and dirt cheap.


It's hardly a week old, but EA's latest shooter, Battlefield V, is already on sale for $40 at Walmart and Best Buy right now. This sale price applies to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game. The deal won't likely last long, so if you've been considering picking up this WWII shooter, you'll want to jump on this deal fast.

That's not the only Battlefield V deal going on right now, either. Best Buy also has the deluxe edition on sale for $72 (normally $80) on PS4 and Xbox One. That isn't as big of a discount as the standard edition, but the deluxe edition comes with 20 weekly airlift items, special assignment missions, and five sets of paratrooper outfits. And if you buy the game on any platform from Best Buy, it comes with a free steelbook case.

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Battlefield V is an online shooter that will be changing and expanding in the months to come. It already has a single-player campaign called War Stories and a number of multiplayer modes. Between now and March 2019, Electronic Arts will be releasing a slew of free content, including new modes, maps, a new Grand Operations mission, and a battle royale mode called Firestorm.

In our Battlefield V review, Michael Higham scored the game 8/10, writing, "The Battlefield series has a winning formula that Battlefield V doesn't deviate far from, at least for now. Conquest and the map roster don't mesh well together, however, Grand Operations--and the other modes within it--steal the show and foster some of the greatest moments the franchise has offered. You might be surprised by the impact of the slight changes made for this entry, especially when you're deep into pushing or defending objectives in Frontlines alongside teammates fulfilling their roles. That's when Battlefield V is at its best."


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Deluxe Edition

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Standard Edition

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