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Get An RTX 3070 Gaming PC On Sale At Newegg Today

Newegg's latest sale features a stacked gaming PC, loaded with an RTX 3070, at a slight discount.


The RTX 30 series graphics cards have been tough to find, but if you're willing to buy a brand-new gaming PC, then you can snag a great rig with one of the new GPUs at a nice little discount. Newegg has an ABS Gladiator gaming PC with an RTX 3070 for $1,850. It's only a $50 discount, but in the world of PC gaming, every dollar counts. This deal is only valid through Friday, February 5, and stock isn't infinite, so you will want to take advantage of this soon if you're interested.

This PC is already quite powerful, but if you're looking for a way to upgrade it, you could bump up the RAM to 32GB. This isn't required to have a great experience, but it will help future proof this machine a bit more. Right now, Newegg's sale also has Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB of DDR4 RAM for $150 after promo code 93XQF84. This is fast, reliable RAM that will work great for heavy multitaskers, streamers, and more.

You can check out Newegg's full 72-hour sale, which runs through February 5, right now. In addition to gaming PCs and RAM, there are also multiple deals on processors, SSDs, and more. Some of the best deals include Resident Evil 2: Deluxe Edition for less than $20, an adjustable recliner for less than $100 and a great pair of wireless headphones for less than $30.

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