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Get All The Spider-Man Live-Action Films In 4K For $36

That's a lot of spiders, man.


Looking to add some more arachnid-themed movies to your collection after watching Spider-Man: No Way Home? Head on over to the Microsoft Store and you'll be able to grab seven live-action films in one bundle priced at $36. Even better, this collection has each Spider-Man movie available in pristine 4K visual quality and comes with Movies Anywhere compatibility that'll allow you to watch them through a range of platforms with the right app installed.

The collection includes the original Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man trilogy that starred Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield's turn as the web-slinger in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, and the more recent run featuring Tom Holland under the mask in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home.

To put that into mathematical perspective, that deal works out to $12 per Spider-Man / Aunt May / Deceased Uncle Ben. Or in less morbid numbers, $3.60 per villain. Possibly $3.27 per villain, if we add Bruce Campbell from Spider-Man 3.

Each cinematic era of Spider-Man has had its ups and downs, but they're all fascinating films to watch. The original trilogy is classic Spider-Man battling incredibly well-developed villains, the Amazing Spider-Man films have a great leading actor in Andrew Garfield, and Holland's webhead has been well-integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While the Microsoft Store collection is a great compilation, it is missing Spider-Man: No Way Home, the most recent film that has been doing record numbers at the box office. Vudu will add the latest adventure to its package, which is priced at $41 for new customers.

In other Spider-Man news, Sony producer Amy Pascal recently said a new Spider-Man trilogy of films with Tom Holland could be in the works, but importantly, no deal has been made. As for the wallcrawler himself, Holland plans to take a break from acting and focus on his family. If your reference-senses are still tingling, you can also check out GameSpot's roundup of 25 Spider-Man: No Way Home Easter eggs and references from across the multiverse.

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