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Get A Year Of PlayStation Plus And A Lifetime Of VPN Protection For Just $50

Combine peace of mind online with the endless entertainment of PlayStation Plus.


In today's world, our lives have become more and more internet-focused. Everything from working, to socializing, to general entertainment can be found on the internet. As we move to a digitally-dependent society, the ability to stay connected and maximize entertainment while safeguarding our sensitive information has never been more important.

The VPN Unlimited Lifetime and PlayStation Plus 1-year Subscription Bundle does just that. This bundle offers users the security and peace of mind of a powerful and reliable VPN with the boundless entertainment found on a PlayStation Plus subscription. Best of all, this bundle is currently available for only $50, whereas separately, these subscriptions have a combined value of $258 (that's a savings of 80%).

While the internet is essential to nearly every facet of our lives, using the internet is far from safe. Cyber thieves can attack you, stealing sensitive information from both shared public Wi-Fi and personal networks. That's why using a virtual private network is becoming an absolute must.

With a VPN, users can send or receive data over a public connection as if they were logged into a highly secure private connection. That said, reliable internet security isn’t the only benefit. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited allows users to access over 400 servers in more than 80 locations worldwide with no speed or bandwidth restrictions. Users can also access websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Amazon and stream content that’s typically only featured overseas. These benefits and dependable security are why over 10 million people trust the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited .

Now that your internet security is taken care of, it's time to use it. When it comes to pure entertainment, there are few options that rival PlayStation Plus , a must-have for any console gamer.

A PlayStation Plus membership takes everything people love about their PlayStation console and kicks it into high gear. The network connects gamers to a vast large community where other PlayStation users to battle it out, or cooperate, in all the classic PlayStation games.

Online play isn't the only benefit, though. Every month, subscribers receive two free games to experience more of what PlayStation has to offer without having to shell out extra cash. The membership also includes cloud storage to conserve space on your console, and, on top of all that, subscribers get access to exclusive discounts that are unavailable anywhere else.

Experience nearly endless entertainment with one of the most versatile gaming memberships, while safeguarding all of your sensitive information with this incredible VPN Unlimited and PlayStation Plus bundle, now on sale for $50, or 80% off.

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