Get a taste of Every Extend Extra

Gamers waiting for Q Entertainment's next game can still get their hands on the original PC edition for free.


TOKYO--It turns out that the "new" game Lumines and Meteos creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi promised to unveil at the Tokyo Game Show was actually an existing PC game that was being ported to the PSP by his company, Q Entertainment.

Every Extend Extra won't be coming out for Sony's portable for a while yet, but gamers debating whether or not to add it to their wish lists can still try out the original version of the game. As GameSpot reported earlier, Every Extend Extra is a new version of a popular homebrew PC game called Every Extend, developed by Japanese software group Omega. The original game can be found on Omega's official Web site, which includes guidelines in English. Kind of...

"One day suddenly, you receive 12 UCHU- guided bombs. What do you do? 'Suicidal explodion' game with new feelings. Blow up self to involve enemies!"

Giving commercial debuts to independent games seems to be a new and succeeding business strategy in Japan. Another homebrewed game that became a commercial hit in Japan was Melty Blood: Act Cadenza. The fighting game was originally released for the PC by the software development group Watanabe Seisakujo, and it was ported to arcades this spring.

For more details on Every Extend Extra for the PSP, check GameSpot's hands-on impressions from last week's Tokyo Game Show.

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