Get a Sneak Peek at the Custom Crackdown 3 Xbox One Controller

These controllers will not be sold in stores.


Back at Gamescom, Microsoft announced a special contest where it would give away two special-edition Xbox One controllers themed around the upcoming game Crackdown 3 and personalized with the winners' Xbox gamertags. Now, Microsoft has published a sneak peek of the designs.

The full control design will be announced later (they are "almost ready," Microsoft says), but for now, you can check out the teaser Microsoft also cautions that "we're still working on it."

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If you didn't win the Crackdown 3 promotion at Gamescom, you'll still have a chance to score one of the controllers. They will not be sold in stores, but Microsoft says people in the Crackdown community will have a shot at taking one home through promotions to be announced later.

Crackdown 3's release date has been narrowed it down to summer 2016. Microsoft has clarified that the entirety of the game won't be available at that time, however. Instead, just the multiplayer will be playable in that window. In addition, the game's cloud-based destruction technology is a multiplayer-only feature.

The game has been confirmed only for Xbox One so far, but a PC edition has not been ruled out.

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