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Get A Nintendo Switch With Improved Battery Life At A Nice Discount

It's not a huge price cut, but we'll take it.

If you missed out on all the Nintendo Switch console deals over the holidays, you're in luck. While sales for Nintendo's latest console were hard to find and usually not all that steep, 2020 already has one solid deal going, and you don't have to compromise anything to get it.

Right now over at Ebay, you can get a brand-new, factory-sealed console is selling for $286. As with all Ebay deals, that includes free standard shipping. This deal ends in three days. This deal as anything we were able to find over the holidays, since most deals included the original model of the Switch, which had significantly worse battery life.

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Sure, that's saving you about $15, but considering the console is still at full price elsewhere (and even sold out at Amazon), this is a solid deal if you're looking to pick up the new Switch this month. You could even spend that extra $15 to pick up some new games in the Nintendo Eshop, which has some nice Switch deals available right now.

The new Switch model's most appealing feature is, of course, the longer battery life, an important factor for those who prefer to play the system in handheld mode. The new Nintendo Switch has a battery life of 4.5 to 9 hours, depending on the game you're playing, while the old model taps out at 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

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