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Get A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller For $40, And More Great Gaming Deals

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All of the E3-related sales on games, consoles, and accessories may be wrapping up, but that doesn't mean an end to this summer's gaming discounts. Google Express is offering a promotion of 20% off most gaming products between now and June 30 with the code JUNESAVE19. We tested to confirm that the 20% applies on top of existing deals, making for some potentially deep discounts, particularly on accessories. Note that the discount only applies on your first order, and only scales up to $20 off, so don't expect to get huge discounts on consoles. We've highlighted several of our favorites below.

Save up to $20 on games and gaming hardware »



For whatever reason it doesn't appear that the discount applies to Xbox One controllers listed on Google Express, but don't worry--Amazon has a current deal running on Windows-compatible Xbox One wireless controllers and PC USB adapters for just $45. Xbox is also still offering $10 off many of its controller models directly in the Microsoft Store, in case you are willing to pay a little more for a wider variety of color options.

Google recently announced plans to get more directly involved in gaming itself with Google Stadia, the company's upcoming remote game streaming service. A limited Founders Edition of the service for early-adopters will arrive later this year, with general access rolling out for everyone else in 2020.

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