Get A Massive 4TB Samsung SSD For $100 Off During Prime Day

Smaller SSDs are also available at a hefty discount.


By far the worst part of PC gaming is running out of space to store your games, but thanks to this Prime Day 2021 deal, those problems may be a thing of the past. Amazon currently has a sale on Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSDs, including their 4TB SKU, which is currently at a historically low price. This is a Prime-exclusive discount that ends tonight alongside the sale.

A massive 4TB of SATA SSD storage will cost you just $322 today instead of $430, making for a total discount of 25%. If a drive that large isn't what you're looking for, other sizes are on sale as well. The two terabyte model is currently on sale for $180, down from $220, while the one terabyte version will only cost $90 instead of $120. If you really, really need a ton of storage, you can also get the eight terabyte model of Samsung's 870 QVO SSD for $100 off right now, although that still leaves its price at a whopping $750.

You may be looking for extra drive space during this year's Prime Day and noticed that hard drives are much cheaper per gigabyte than these SSDs. However, there's a good reason for that. Hard drives are, first and foremost, much slower than SSDs, whether they're SATA or NVME. Hard drives also have a tendency to fail if they're moved around too much, whereas digital drives simply don't have that issue. If you're storing things en masse, absolutely purchase a hard disc drive. But if you want your game to load quickly, there's no better option than an SSD. Regardless of what you need, there are plenty of Prime Day storage deals to look through.

A ton of other computer gear, including headsets, microphones, and monitors, are on sale today as part of Prime Day 2021. If you're looking for something to pick up, we have an updated list of the best Prime Day deals still available on Tuesday.

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