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Get A Humble Choice Membership And Some Great PC Games For Just $10 This Month

If you're looking to join Humble Choice, you can get your first month at a discount.


These days you can pick up a pretty decent game for $10, but if that's not enough, then this Humble deal offers a whole lot more for the same price. Right now you can get your first month of membership for $10, granting you access to a library of monthly PC games with your subscription. Each game you download is yours to keep forever--even if you cancel your membership--making this is an easy and inexpensive way to grab some great titles for your library.

To get the discount, sign up through the Humble Store and use the code FEB10 when you're checking out. In addition to the Humble Choice lineup of monthly games you can claim, you'll also get added benefits like 20% discounts on games in the Humble Store, and exclusive discounts on other titles. Humble donates 5% of your purchase price to charity.

For February, you can get the following games before the Humble library is refreshed in March:

  • Life is Strange: True Colors (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Scorn (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Beacon Pines (Steam Deck Verified)
  • There Is No Light: Enhanced Edition (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Children of Silentown (Steam Deck Verified)
  • Oaken
  • Snowtopia (Steam Deck Playable)

That's a good selection right there of games, and the majority of them are Steam Deck Verified in case you're looking for something new to play while you're on the move. New games will replace the current selection in March--they haven't been revealed yet--and each of the February games on their own usually retail for more than $10.

For some more bundle deals, GameSPot's sister site Fanatical is wrapping up its Bundlefest with the Prestige Collection of high-profile games and you can take a chance with 20 mystery games for just $14 in the Mystery Fire Bundle.

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