Get a Great Selection of Games for a Few Bucks in Latest Humble Bundle

The new bundle lets you pick up a bunch of awesome games like Galak-Z for steep discounts.

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A new Humble Bundle is live today, and it includes a bunch of really awesome indie titles. These games are available for a steep discount: paying just $10 gets you all seven games currently included in the bundle.

The bundle includes some well-received and successful indie games, such as Nuclear Throne, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and Galak-Z. As always, you can choose how much money to spend on the Humble Bundle. You can pay anything you want, but you must spend at least $1 to get Steam keys for the games in the first tier. Paying more will unlock higher tiers with more games.

In addition, you can choose how to allocate the money you spend. You can divvy up your payment between Humble Bundle, the games' developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child's Play, or a charity of your choice.

These are the different tiers of the bundle:

Pay anything ($1 or more for Steam keys):

Pay more than the average ($5.07 at the time of this writing):

Pay more than $10:

Humble Bundle will add more games to the bundle in the coming days, as well.

Personally, I'm excited to pick up Nuclear Throne and Lethal League, both great couch co-op games. Are you looking forward to playing any of these titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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