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Get A Free Steam PC Game Now--But Hurry

Big Brother is watching you.


Between now and August 18, while supplies last, you can pick up a free PC game from the Humble Store. The game is Orwell, and it arrives in the form of a Steam code that's playable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Anyone who claims a free copy will also get a 10% off coupon for Humble Monthly.

Orwell begins with a bomb going off. You assume the role of an investigator tasked with catching the person or people responsible. To work the case, you must comb through suspects' social media posts, bank accounts, dating site profiles, and communication records to find hints about who's responsible. As you investigate, you upload relevant details into a surveillance program called Orwell.

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Now Playing: Orwell - 5 Minutes of Profiling Gameplay

The information you upload is analyzed by another investigator who doesn't have access to the sensitive info you're viewing, so they can misinterpret it if you're not careful. Making matters worse, you can't undo any of your uploads, so mistakes can pile up over the course of the game's five chapters.

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"As a game focused on searching through in-game websites for dirt and details, Orwell lives or dies on the strength of its plot and characterization. Thankfully, the writing is consistently lively and intriguing," James O'Connor wrote in GameSpot's 8/10 Orwell review.

"The depiction of a surveillance state feels extremely relevant; it’s made clear that the obvious advantages of being able to easily track terror suspects online come with a disquieting loss of privacy for innocent civilians. In an age where so much personal information is willingly released by so many, Orwell brilliantly explores the implications of this data being misinterpreted."

If that sounds like your kind of game, make sure to grab it fast. The Humble Store may run out of codes before the free period ends on August 18.

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