Get a Close-Up Look At the New 3DS In This Japanese Trailer

Nintendo releases new commercial for the updated portable, showing off its new features and functionality.


Nintendo of Japan has released a new video advertisement for the New 3DS, giving gamers a close-up look at the latest evolution of the popular portable.

The commercial shows off the New 3DS and New 3DS LL models, highlighting their reconfigured buttons, the analog nub, and how they will support Nintendo's amiibo toy line.

The New 3DS models also feature replaceable covers, which you can also see in the video. Games like Super Smash Bros. (already available in Japan), as well as Monster Hunter 4 and Xenoblade Chronicles (which will be exclusive to the New 3DS), are also on display.

The New 3DS launches in Japan in October, with a release in November to follow for Australia. The portable is expected to launch in Europe and the Americas later on.

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