Get a 1TB Xbox One With 5 Games and Extra Controller for $320

The Microsoft Store and Amazon have pretty solid Xbox One deals going on now.


The Microsoft Store is currently offering one of the better Xbox One deals we've seen. Right now, you can get the 1 TB Spring Bundle with an extra controller and game for $320.

The Spring Bundle already comes with four games: Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, and Ori and the Blind Forest. Your free game choices include these Ubisoft titles (via Slickdeals):

The system alone normally sells for $400, while extra controllers go for $60. As for the free Ubisoft titles, they aren't the newest, but are all from major franchises. Shipping is free. Head to the Microsoft Store to place an order.

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Additionally, Amazon is currently offering the 1TB Xbox One Three-Game Bundle (Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Rare Replay, Ori and the Blind Forest), as well as a free copy of Forza Horizon 2 and an extra controller for $320. Go to Amazon to place an order.

Additionally, all Xbox One systems are $50 off at Best Buy this week.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft will reportedly announce a new, smaller Xbox One at E3 next month. The company may also be planning an Xbox One that's four times as powerful as the current model and VR-ready, according to a report. Or maybe this is all "creative chatter."

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How I envy you Americans. I paid over $900 for my PS4. I am planning to buy a X-One. Does anyone knows a store that ships worldwide?

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@Hardcoreehb: ebay?

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--they have been trying to keep sales numbers from 'plummeting down' for months(using sales)
--weekly xb1 sales numbers have started looking more like wiiU numbers

Avatar image for xrizz1066

Along with the kitchen sink and anything else they can throw in. To make a dent into the piles and piles of unsold vcr's!!!

Avatar image for Syphon_Filter2

They are dying just to catch up Sony's PS4 sales numbers and they are failing as always. He he he useless deals and will never will catch up with the PS4.

Avatar image for deactivated-5afeea4d8be41

@Syphon_Filter2: Or they're trying to get rid of old stock before they release the rumoured slim version?

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Definitely not a good time to buy especially with a potential new console on the horizon..

Avatar image for BattleStarX

I'd rather wait, especially with the talk about the "Xbox 1.5" going on. If there's a newer, better model, I might as well get that instead. Not that I'm going to either, my gaming budget is... well.. empty right now, but still.

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Buying a Wii U is still a better deal and it's not debatable

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Great deal.But for me,I'll be waiting for the new XS.At least wait till E3 to see what MS is doing?

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Dumb gamers lurk in this comment section...

Sigh... PC elites swear PC gaming is perfect when literally cheaters lurk around every corner...

Bots, Auto Clickers, Button Pressers, flat out hacks, ddos attacks... Lmao.. PC community is cancer.. get one kid upset in a game and you instantly get ddos'd... LOL.. and you know what that will never IMPROVE or get FIXED... PC ppl telling consoles to get their performance up but they can't even get their security up?? Gg sad af...

Sure stats are one thing.. but Xbox is by no means doing "bad" sure their not doing better than ps4 but they are doing fine... heck I own my Xbox after selling my ps4 and love it... graphics aren't the biggest thing to me... all I care about is gameplay... and when I invested in my Xbox I invested in the console that offered the superior online service..Better Servers, Exclusives that I prefer, better layout, controller I very much prefer...and etc

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Damn that's a pretty sweet deal, i mainly play on PC and i'm still tempted...

Nah just kidding, inclusive is the new MS exclusive lol

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Trying to clear inventory, eh? Xbox 1.5?

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Anyone looking to get this bundle don't pick the Crew as your extra game as that one is being given away for free as an Xbox games with gold game. Pick one of the others.

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

Dont pick the Crew because it will be free next month for XBLG members

Avatar image for Marky360


LOL I wrote the samething

Avatar image for Alucard_Prime

@Marky360: Smart guy, you are

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The title sounds far more appealing than the package actually is. Still a good deal, but not as good as it sounds.

• Watch Dogs

• Assassin's Creed: Unity

• The Crew

• Just Dance 2016

• Just Dance: Disney Party 2

Ouch. Halo being a decent inclusion at least.

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@derceto: Considering The Crew is actually free on GWG, that leaves 4.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@biggamerdude: I think you skimmed / misread the deal

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@xantufrog: No I understand. But it's pointless to give The Crew since it's free.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@biggamerdude: true - since you need XBL to enjoy it you'll be getting The Crew free. I wonder if they realize the redundancy in their promotions...

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@xantufrog: Yeah. There are other ubisoft games that could have been promoted.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@derceto: It's 1) Halo, 2) Gears, 3) Rare Replay and 4) Ori + one of the list you posted. I agree that the +1 list isn't super hot but there is a title on there that would work for someone, and the primary 4 titles are all big X1 games or at least classics (in the case of Rare R. and Ori)

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That's a ridiculously good deal

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A lot of good deals on Xbox One. Recently, I was able to get from Best Buy a 500gb white Xbox One Quantum Break/Allen Wake bundle with $75 Best Buy gift card and COD Infinite Warfare (pre-order) for $300.

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I wouldn't get an X1 even if MS gave me one for free AND paid me $320. GL with that.

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@mikemurphy80: That's is pretty ignorant.

Avatar image for mersmackmaster

@mikemurphy80: I think you are lying...

Avatar image for mikemurphy80

@mersmackmaster: I don't care what you think

Avatar image for deactivated-5afeea4d8be41

@mikemurphy80: So you wouldn't get one and be paid $320, of which you could then sell the console and make even more money from it...... well it's your life.

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@graffitiheart: No, I wouldn't. Some of us aren't poor console peasants. Also, I wouldn't want to enable someone to being stuck with such a crappy system by selling it to them.

If I were to get/receive and X1, I'd only take it so I could go office space on it.

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@mikemurphy80: you're a goddamn fool.

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I'll admit I was wrong... my guess was it came with five copies of Halo.

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Great deal! I have my heart set on one of the next gen consoles though. NX is my prime choice right now.

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Time to clear the old Xbox one stock. This is a good deal, if your just getting into Xbox one. Microsoft is going to debut the Xbox one slim. And a VR capable Xbox one Scorpio. Which is 4X more power than the current Xbox one in 2017. MS has done a short lifespan before with the original Xbox. So it is time to clear away the current Xbox one stock. At least these are 1TB models since the HDD fills up quickly. So for $320.00 that is awesome since Nintendo is still selling the Wii U for $299.99