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Get 93 Sega Games Worth $990.01 for just $80

The massive sale will run through the weekend.


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At this point Steam has developed something of a reputation for its ludicrously cheap sales. Today, they're partnering with Sega for what might be the most ridiculous to date.

From now to Monday March 30 at 5 PM PST, 93 Sega games worth $990.01 will be discounted to $79.99/£59.99/€69.99 as part of the Sega Super Bundle. That's a little less than 92% off.

Most of the games in the bundle are ports from older Sega consoles, but some of the more notable ones include:

While not part of the package, Alien: Isolation will also marked down 75% to $12.49 for the duration of the promotion. If you want to buy some strategy game sets separately, the entire Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, and Total War catalogues are also 75% off with their respective DLC at half price.

Earlier this year, Sega shuttered its San Francisco office, and renewed its commitment to the PC and mobile space, with an eye for possibly moving out of console game development entirely.

You can find a full list of all the games available in the sale here.

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