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Get 8 Steam Deck Games For $10 With The New Play On The Go Bundle

Fanatical's latest build-your-own bundle features 22 Steam Deck-verified games to pick from.


If you’re looking to load up your new Steam Deck with some new games to play over the holidays, Fanatical’s Play On The Go 3 bundle gets you up to 8 PC games for just $10. And yes, they’re all Steam Deck-verified. The bundle is part of Fanatical's Bundlefestive promotion, which will bring new game bundles every day this week.

The build-your-own bundle comes in three tiers: three games for $5, five games for $7, or--for the best value--eight games for $10. Customers customize their game selection from a pool of 22 possible titles, and there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Some noteworthy opinions include Blasphemous, a tough action-platformer inspired by Dark Souls and Castlevania, featuring gorgeous (and grotesque) pixel art graphics.

For RPG fans, there’s the adorable (and surprisingly epic) Cat Quest, and the quirky roguelike dungeon crawler Going Under.

Blazing Chrome is a great choice for anyone looking to relive the Contra glory days, while Aragami will likely satisfy players that prefer a stealthy approach.

If you’re looking for something more atmospheric, there’s top-down survival horror game Darkwood, and the unsettling lo-fi thriller House.

That’s just a small selection of the many games available. You could easily load up on just your favorite genre, or mix it up with a smattering of strategy sims, shooters, racing games, and platformers to play on your Steam Deck. Check out the full Play On The Go 3 bundle lineup below, or jump right over to Fanatical and start customizing your bundle.

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Fanatical Play On The Go Build-Your-Own Bundle 3

  1. Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition
  2. Aragami
  3. Arietta of Spirits
  4. Blasphemous
  5. Blazing Chrome
  6. Cat Quest
  7. Crumble
  8. Darkwood
  9. God’s Trigger
  10. Going Under
  11. Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
  12. House
  13. Kingdom Rush Vengence - Tower Defence
  14. Legends of Kingdom Rush
  15. Liberated
  16. Outbuddies DX
  17. The Ramp
  18. Redout: Enhanced Edition + DLC Pack
  19. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  20. Shift Happens
  21. Tested on Humans: Escape Room
  22. Tiny Lands
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