Get 8 Steam Deck Games For $10 For A Limited Time

Pick from a catalog of 23 games that includes everything from fast-paced racers to metriodvanias.


Looking to add a ton of great games to your Steam Deck without making your wallet mad? Check out the latest bundle at Fanatical, which gives you eight Steam Deck Verified Games for just $10. There are also options to pick up five games for $7 or three games for $5, making it easy to squeeze a few more titles onto your Deck regardless of your budget. This bundle is available as part of Fanatical's Bundlefest promotion, which runs all week and features new PC game bundles every day.

The Build Your Own Play On The Go Bundle lets you pick from a catalog of 23 games--many of which are highly rated indies that may have slipped under your radar. One of the coolest games in the lineup is Absolute Drift, which features a minimalist art style and tasks you with effortlessly drifting a car across multiple game modes and 34 unique levels. It’s a great fit for Steam Deck too, thanks to quick play sessions and graphics that look stunning on the small screen.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more action, you can pick up the top-down shooter Intravenous, the cyberpunk RPG Mars: War Logs, or metroidvania The Vagrant. Samorost 2, Beholder, and Calico are also included in the catalog--making this a great time to clear up your backlog.

Not sold on anything listed above? You’ll find a full list of available games below. And if you still can’t find anything that looks good, consider purchasing the VIP Mystery Bundle, which offers three mystery games for $5 (all of which are redeemable on Steam).

Play On The Go Bundle

  • Intravenous
  • Godstrike
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Chuchel
  • Elderborn
  • Songbird Symphony
  • Chess Ultra
  • Nuts
  • Blazing Beaks
  • The Vagrant
  • Afterparty
  • Calico
  • 80’s Overdrive
  • The Invisible Hours
  • The Sexy Brutale
  • Beholder
  • Mars: War Logs
  • Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
  • Absolute Drift: Zen Edition
  • Neighbors Back From Hell
  • Samorost 2
  • Another World
  • The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines

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