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Get 7 Great Steam Games For $20

Choose from a catalog that includes indie hits such as Lake, Gal Gun 2, Jack Move, and more.


Another month, another enticing Platinum bundle from Fanatical. The Platinum Collection March: Build Your Own Bundle is now live, giving you a chance to pick up seven games for just $20. There are also options to snag five games for $15 or three games for $10--making it easy to find something that fits your budget.

The Platinum Collection gives you a catalog of 18 games to build your bundle from, most of which are highly rated indies. Opting for the $20 bundle is the best value, as each game comes out to just $2.86 each. And considering most of these games retail for at least $20, it’s definitely worth browsing through the collection. All games are redeemable on Steam and come with a 5% off voucher for your next purchase through Fanatical.

Lake is one of the standout titles, offering a relaxing, story-based adventure that has you jumping into the shoes of a postal worker. As you explore the quaint town of Providence Oak, you’ll be able to form friendships and make decisions that impact the outcome of your journey. It’s a chill game, and one that’s great to play if you’re burnt out on fast-paced shooters or keeping up with a battle pass.

Other great games on sale include the turn-based JRPG Jack Move, the chaotic shooter Gal Gun 2, and the Freebird Adventures Triple Pack that includes To the Moon, Finding Paradise, and A Bird Story.

Plenty of other popular games are included in the Fanatical Platinum Collection this month, so be sure to head over to the official store page to learn more about each title. You’ll also find a list of every game in the catalog below.

Platinum Collection Bundle

  • Impostor Factory
  • Gamedec: Definitive Edition
  • Lake
  • Gal Gun 2: Fanatical Edition
  • Jack Move
  • SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator
  • There Is No Light
  • Tunguska: The Visitation
  • Bound By Blades
  • Freebird Adventures Triple Pack
  • Trigon: Space Story
  • Chicken Police: Paint It Red
  • I See Red
  • Atone: Heart of the Elder Tree
  • Love Esquire
  • The Letter
  • Perfect Gold
  • Cathedral

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