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Get 7 Capcom Games for Under $7 to Support Charity

The Humble Capcom Bundle is now available.


The latest Humble Bundle is now available, this one focusing on Capcom games in the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises, among others. As with previous bundles, you can name your price, while paying more than the average, or a higher set price, unlocks even more games and extras.

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Below is a breakdown of what's available and how much it costs:

Pay $1 or more to unlock:

Pay more than the average (currently $6.85) to unlock:

Pay $15 or more to unlock:

Purchased separately, these games and DLC would cost you $180, Capcom said.

Humble Bundles support charity. You get to choose where your money is sent, between developers, Humble itself, or the Direct Relief and GamesAid charities. You can also designate funds to go to the charity of your choice, provided it's on the list of more than 1,000 charitable organizations listed here.

As of this writing, people have purchased more than 15,500 Humble Capcom Bundles, generating more than $100,000 in total payments. The promotion ends in two weeks, on October 27.

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