Get 20 Free Heroes Of The Storm Characters Starting Next Week

Celebrate the big 2.0 update with free characters.

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Heroes of the Storm

With the release of Heroes of the Storm's 2.0 update next week, Blizzard will be handing out a huge bundle of free characters to those who log in for a limited time.

Blizzard has announced four new Mega Hero Bundles, one of which you'll be able to receive for free. Each of these consists of 20 characters with a specific theme: Assassins, Tanks & Bruisers, Supports & Specialists, and Flex. There's some overlap--confusingly, Sylvanas can be found in the Assassin and Flex bundles despite being classified in-game as a Specialist-class character--but the bottom line is that you'll be getting as many as 20 characters for free. You can see the bundle contents here.

To receive your freebie, all you'll need to do is log in once the 2.0 update goes live on April 25. The offer lasts until May 22, giving you almost a full month to go through the process. Rather than being rewarded a bundle directly, you'll receive 100 Gems (a new currency in 2.0) that can then be spent to unlock the bundle of your choice. Once you've made your pick, the others will be locked. You should examine them closely, as you won't receive a discount or bonus for choosing a bundle with characters you already own.

The 2.0 update launches on April 25 and makes some big changes to the game, introducing loot boxes, removing the level cap, and further revamping the progression and rewards systems, among many other things. Also on the way to the game are a new Overwatch character (Genji) and map (Hanamura).

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