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Get 15 Free Games At Epic This Holiday - Solitairica Is Free Now

The Epic Games Store will have one free game per day for a limited time, and the latest is now available.


Epic already gives away free games every week on the Epic Games Store, but during a portion of December, it's upping its game and giving away a new freebie every day. This is more generous than even last year's promotion, as it's offering 15 free games over 15 days. With the end of the year quickly approaching, only a few of the freebies remain, but you can still grab them provided you sign up for (or already have) a free Epic account.

Today's freebie (December 29) is Solitairica, a card-based RPG that blends roguelike elements with Solitaire. You'll be able to download the game at no charge until 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on December 30, when Epic's next freebie becomes available.

While Epic isn't revealing the freebies ahead of time, a leaked list of the 15 freebies has been spot on so far. So it looks as if you can expect the others on the list to still come, provided there are no last-minute changes.

In addition to giving away free games, Epic's Holiday Sale is live now and is filled with steep discounts on hundreds of games. You can get a free $10 off coupon to use during the sale on games priced $15 and up. Every time you make an eligible purchase, you'll get a new coupon. Essentially, there are many games that, with the coupon applied, are on sale for their best prices yet.

Epic Games Store holiday giveaway

Live through December 31

  • December 17: Cities: Skylines
  • December 18: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
  • December 19: The Long Dark
  • December 20: Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • December 21: Alien: Isolation
  • December 22: Metro 2033 Redux
  • December 23: Tropico 5
  • December 24: Inside
  • December 27: Night in the Woods
  • December 28: Stranded Deep

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