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George R.R. Martin Says Working On Elden Ring Was "Too Exciting To Refuse"

Martin says he was happy to contribute to the "deep, dark, resonant world" of Elden Ring.


Game of Thrones author Gorge R.R. Martin contributed to the lore of the upcoming game Elden Ring, and now the writer has discussed the project in more depth.

Posting on his blog, Martin said From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team reached out to him "a few years back" to discuss the potential of helping the team work on Elden Ring for its backstory and history.

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Martin acknowledged that video games are "not really my thing," but the opportunity to work on Elden Ring was "too exciting to refuse," he said.

"Miyazaki and his team from From Software were doing groundbreaking stuff with gorgeous art, and what they wanted from me was just a bit of worldbuilding: a deep, dark, resonant world to serve as a foundation for the game they planned to create. And as it happens, I love creating worlds and writing imaginary history," Martin explained.

"So I did my bit, and handed off to my new friends in Japan, and they took it from there. And years passed. Video games are as big as movies these days (bigger, actually)… and take just as long to create. But the day of Elden Ring is finally at hand. And I've got to say, it looks incredible."

Also in the post, Martin said some of the games he played in in the past have included mostly strategy titles such as Railroad Tycoon, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Master of Orion.

Following a delay, Elden Ring launches on February 25 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

Elden Ring isn't the only project that Martin is attached to releasing in 2022. He's also working on the Game of Thrones prequel show, House of the Dragon, which debuts this year.

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