Geometry Wars: Galaxies Producer Q&A

Sierra producer Roger Carpenter talks to us about his team's plans for the Wii and DS versions of Geometry Wars.


Geometry Wars, previously the reserve of Microsoft platforms, is headed to Nintendo's DS and Wii later this year. Since it was only recently announced, very little is known about the new game save for its title, Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Anxious to find out what Bizarre Creations and Kuju have planned, we wasted no time getting in touch with the games' producer, Roger Carpenter, who had more good news for us than we'd dared hope.

GameSpot: So, Geometry Wars for the Wii and the Nintendo DS, why did you decide to take the game to those platforms?

The new screenshots don't tell us much….
The new screenshots don't tell us much….

Roger Carpenter: Geometry Wars is a game that appeals to both the hardcore and the not so. It doesn't need a supercomputer to run it; all it needs is enough bang to make it look cool and have some great controls...step forward the Wii and DS. They also provide a great home-and-away solution for the new game, which we think will take GW to a new audience.

GS: We've heard that the games won't simply be ports of the Xbox Live Arcade game, and that they'll feature a single-player campaign. What can you tell us about that?

RC: It's a bit soon to go telling all, but compared to Retro Evolved, Galaxies is huge. It expands on the "universe" of Geometry Wars in a natural and logical way, introducing stacks of new gameplay. Think solar systems and planets, and you'll get some of the principles. Both Bizarre Creations and Kuju have been beavering away to create some very cool new stuff. And just in case you're wondering, we will have plenty of online leaderboards!

GS: And multiplayer support, how is that going to work?

RC: Both platforms have two-player multiplayer. Wii is all on one console. DS uses Wi-Fi, with game-share. Right from the get-go, everyone knew that multiplayer was a must-have, so that's what you'll get--at least four modes, including one exclusive for each platform.

GS: Will the craft, weapons, and enemies in the Nintendo games be the same as those seen in Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved?

RC: The ship has become a bit of an icon, so that's going to stay as is. Everything else is getting a bit of a shake-up; familiar foes will endure, but there'll be new enemies, weapons, and a healthy number of totally new "things," too.

GS: Will the Wii and DS versions of Geometry Wars: Galaxies be compatible with each other in any way?

RC: With GWG, we've set out to design one game experience that works equally well on both systems (rather than two separate games), and we've thought of quite a number of ways to reward players for playing both. As far as I know, it's pushing the link between the two systems further than any other game out there.

GS: Both the Wii and the DS have unconventional control systems, and neither can really support the dual-analog controls used in the XBLA game. How do you plan to use the Nintendo consoles' respective controllers? Will the Wii version support the Classic Controller?

…except that this is still Geometry Wars.
…except that this is still Geometry Wars.

RC: Honestly, it never crossed our minds that either platform would have a problem...and they don't. We're going to provide a number of variations, but the Nunchuk (move) and remote (direction of fire) of the Wii works brilliantly, and so does the stylus on the DS. I'd even be as bold as to say the Wii control method could challenge XBLA GW: RE scores. We've had some pretty impressive ones already.

GS: And how will the DS game take advantage of the handheld's dual-screen setup?

RC: We use the second screen, whichever one it is, to enhance the gameplay and feedback to the player.

GS: Will the Nintendo games feature something resembling the XBLA version in addition to their new modes?

RC: Is Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved included? Yes it is. All there, all 100 percent of it, untouched and as excellent as ever. We'll even let you game-share it to as DS friend if you like...even if you own only the Wii version!

GS: And finally, when can we expect to see Geometry Wars: Galaxies in stores?

RC: It's going to be out in good time for the holidays.

GS: Thanks for your time.

RC: No problem, nice to have a bit of Britsoft to shout about.

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