Genshin Impact's Newest Playable Character Is Explosives Expert Klee

Klee is an adorable little girl who also likes blowing things up.


Although Genshin Impact borrows a lot from Nintendo's Breath Of The Wild for its open world, it's also a gacha game--which means new characters will be inbound fairly regularly. The next event banner character Klee may not be new to the game, but she's about to be summonable for the first time.

Now that Venti's banner event has ended, pyro expert Klee will be the next character you'll have an increased chance of pulling from event wishes. You'd have to spend some serious money to guarantee a Klee pull, but free-to-play players will also have a higher chance of snagging her during the event.

Klee, of course, isn't new to the game in general. She resides in "solitary confinement" in the Knights of Favonius headquarters, where a knight named Wood stands guard in front of a locked door. Klee also has a story quest available from Adventure Rank 32 where players can learn a little more about the pint-sized explosives expert.

Klee will be available from October 20, with her chance-increasing banner running until November 11. There will also be an Epitome Invocation weapons banner available for the same time period, with the event end coinciding with Genshin Impact's update 1.1, its first big post-release patch.

Genshin Impact is free-to-play on PC, mobile, and PS4, with a Switch port in the works.

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