Genshin Impact World Quest - The Chasm Delvers Guide

How to solve the Seelie puzzle and more.


Genshin Impact's The Chasm has a lengthy world quest line called The Chasm Delvers. Completion of the first three parts of The Chasm Delvers is required for progressing through the new Archon Quest, which we covered in the Archon Quest - Requiem of The Echoing Depths Guide. This guide will cover the last two parts of The Chasm Delvers: Perils in The Dark and Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend. The two quests contain puzzles and a fight with a variation on the newest boss, the Ruin Serpent.

The Chasm Delvers: Perils in The Dark

Drop down near the ooze and clear it with your Lumenstone Adjuvant. The uncovered Fatuus' journal will direct you to activate two bells in the north and south ruins.

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North and South bell locations
North and South bell locations

North ruins

  • This bell is easy to "unlock," so to speak. Climb to the top of the structure indicated on your map. You'll then see four monuments covered in the black goo and the bell between two torches. Purify each monument with your Adjuvant and defeat the enemies that pop up here. After unlocking all four monuments, they'll become locked down again. A Shadowy Husk will show up. Kill him and then the bell will be free to ring. Hit the bell with your weapon to make it "ring."

South ruins:

  • Climb up to the ruin marked on your map until you encounter a level with two Seelies. You need to solve the puzzle here with the Seelies before you can ring the bell. If you touch the Seelies, they will move a set distance. Notice that one Seelie will move in a clockwise direction and the other will move in a counterclockwise direction.
  • To solve the puzzle, you need to light up all the totems at once. First, clear the goo off of any totem. They can now be lit up by the Seelies or by your Lumenstone Adjuvant. So what you need to do is touch the Seelies one at a time, and get them to stop at two separate totems. Park yourself at the third one. Since the fourth totem is automatically lit (recharge the totem nearby to get it lit)--this will solve the puzzle.

Climb to the very top of the ruin and you'll see a new floating Seelie. Interacting with the Seelie will make the gate below open. Drop down, clear the goo, and battle the Ruin Grader. Once done, climb back up to the ruin and hit the bell.

South ruins before the Seelie puzzle is unlocked
South ruins before the Seelie puzzle is unlocked

After you're done, you'll meet an Electro and Pyro Abyss Lector named Agnarr and Egill. Having Cryo and Hydro on your team will help you kill the two Lectors faster. After you defeat them, pick up the dropped Curious Cube.

Wherefore Did the Spiritstone Descend?

Go down the pathway and arrive in the Stone Halls area. Recharge the five pink stones with the Lumenstone Adjuvant. Each of the pink stones is covered in the purple goo, and you'll have to fight two to three enemies at each location. The stones require you to stand near them in order to charge. There are plenty of "recharging stations" scattered near the pink stones if you run out of Lumenstone Adjuvant juice.

After the four pink stones are recharged, the arena below the crystal will become populated by a variation on the Ruin Serpent--the new normal boss in The Chasm. Please see our separate Ruin Serpent guide for how to defeat the boss.

Haftvad the Worm fight at the end of the quest.
Haftvad the Worm fight at the end of the quest.

That concludes The Chasm Delvers questline. Yelan, an upcoming five-star, makes a surprise cameo appearance in the end. We'll likely see the Ruin Serpent boss drop materials tied to her Ascension materials. And lastly--don't forget to pick up the Luxurious chest located at the top of the large, now-reformed crystal!

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