Genshin Impact Update Brings First Character Banner Re-Run

Venti is back, marking the first repeated banner since Genshin Impact's launch.


Genshin Impact's Update 1.4 has arrived, bringing with it new quests and events, and the return of fan-favorite limited character Venti. While a lot of the update's new content has yet to go live, such as the upcoming Windblume Festival event, Venti's Ballad in Goblets banner is live now.

While the banner name, Ballad in Goblets, is the same as the original Venti banner that launched with the game last October, the rate-up 4-star characters featured alongside Venti have changed. The new banner will give players increased chances to pull 4-stars Sucrose, Razor, and Noelle.

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This update marks the first time one of Genshin Impact's characters has been re-run. As Venti was the first banner launched when the game came out, this re-run will let players catch up if they started playing after Venti's initial banner had already finished. Venti has a number of unique abilities that makes him a useful character, both for exploring the world and for co-op domains in particular.

Update 1.4 will also introduce new 4-star character Rosaria in a later update, with rumors suggesting that she will be included in a banner that will make previous 5-star character Tartaglia available again--meaning players shouldn't expect character re-runs to happen in strictly chronological order.

Also available now is the new "Hangout Events" feature, which will remain as an ongoing part of the game after this update. The feature has been likened to a dating mini-game, allowing players to get to know certain playable characters better. The Outland Gastronomy daily login event has also gone live, which is the in-game part of Genshin Impact's ill-fated KFC promotion. The login event will allow players to unlock a number of new recipes, including one for "Golden Fried Chicken."

The rest of the events coming with Update 1.4 are still yet to be unlocked, with the Windblume Festival coming on March 19, and a new Archon quest arriving after all aspects of the Festival are finished.

The update has also added a number of bug fixes and quality of life changes. Most notably, players will now be able to lower their World Level or restore it to their normal level, with a 24-hour cooldown between World Level changes.

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