Genshin Impact - Three Realm Gateway Offerings Part 2, 3, And Bunkoku Engima Guide

So many chests, so little time...


Genshin Impact's Three Realm Gateway Offerings event is probably the most player-friendly limited event we've had to date. There's no confusing puzzles like Dante's labyrinth mazes and all the event treasure chests are marked on the map already. Here's all you need to know about the Bunkoku Enigma and the Three Realm Gateway Offerings event parts two and three.

The Basics

Offer Sigils to upgrade the Bokuso Box.
Offer Sigils to upgrade the Bokuso Box.

This quick guide on Part 2 and Part 3 will cover the basics and some tips for (slightly) tricky areas. Three Realm Offerings takes players to an Enkanomiya map shrouded in a darkness called Corrosion. Using a gadget you automatically receive, the Bokuso Box, players can dispel the Corrosion around chests and enemies for rewards--including Sigils, currency used to upgrade the Box at the Statue of The Vassals.

As mentioned previously, both the new limited event resources you need to gather--Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes--as well as treasure chests, are marked clearly on the minimap, which is quite different from the Golden Archipelago limited event.

The basic play process then is to venture out into the open world--collecting minerals and plants necessary for unlocking Towers and opening chests--then going back to the tree and upgrading the Bokuso Box. You'll want to do this consistently in between the primary questline branches (unlocking the Towers) because the Corrosion level increases in new areas. Upgrading the Bokuso Box increases the amount of Corrosion you can withstand. Once you reach level 14 on the Bokuso Box, a new set of chests and challenges will sprout up on the map.

Mirror Puzzles

Mirror puzzle
Mirror puzzle

The puzzles that might give you a slight pause are the ice and water mirror ones. You turn the panels into ice by using a Cyro character and back into water by using a Pyro character. Water allows light to travel through the panel. Ice reflects light towards the direction the mirror is pointed towards. The end goal is to get the beam of light from the source, through the mirror (or ice) panels, to the indicated end in the puzzle.

My advice for solving these puzzles: First check which panels can be rotated--some are fixed. Then starting from the first panel the light will hit, determine how it should be oriented and if it should be ice or water in order to reach the next totem. Go one-by-one until you reach the final destination.

Bunkoku Enigma Stone Slate Side Quest

Did you encounter stone slates when exploring? They're part of a puzzle side quest initiated by talking to the guard Yabe. He doesn't have the traditional side quest indication mark over his character, so it's easy to miss. Find him in Dainichi Mikoshi near the stairs on the level above the Statue. The Bokuso Box must already be in your possession in order to initiate the quest.

The side quest will guide you to three locations to find seven stone slates.

  1. Library: Hit three totems with Electro. Pick up four slates here.
  2. Underground Labyrinth: Follow an electro seelie and pick up two slates in the labyrinth.
  3. Aboveground Labyrinth: Solve two mirror puzzles to access the underground area. Solve another mirror puzzle once in a new area. Pick up one slate here.

Mirror Puzzle Solution

Check the orientation and water/ice status of the totems in the photos below for solutions.

Mirror puzzle solution to unlock the underground area for the final stone slate
Mirror puzzle solution to unlock the underground area for the final stone slate

Stone Slate Solution

With all stone slates in hand, go back to the hidden nook revealed by Yabe. You'll want to arrange the stone slates like so.

The pattern you want to recreate with the stone slabs
The pattern you want to recreate with the stone slabs
Unsolved puzzle.
Unsolved puzzle.

Steps to get to the solution:

  1. Move 1 and 2 up. Move 3 to the left.
  2. We know we have to get 6 to the 3's initial position. So move 6 to the left, 4 to the right, 5 down.

After solving the puzzle, it's easy from there. You'll end up unlocking an underground area, fighting an enemy, and getting a Luxurious Chest at the end.

My major piece of overall advice is to take the Three Realms Offerings event slow. There are 40 days more until it ends (at the time of writing this guide), so don't feel pressured to clear the entire map in one session. If you've yet to unlock the Corrosion-filled Enkanomiya map, check out our Three Realm Offerings Part I Guide.

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