Genshin Impact - Ruin Serpent Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat The Chasm's new normal boss, the Ruin Serpent.


If there's one thing to know about Genshin Impact's new normal boss, The Ruin Serpent, is that it moves around a lot. Too much. Here we present the winning formula to defeating the mechanical snake and what to look out for during the fight.

How To Unlock The Fight

There's not a specific quest needed to complete to unlock the Ruin Serpent. You must simply get access to the underground area of The Chasm, which can be done by completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest. If you're naturally progressing along the Archon Quest - Requiem of The Echoing Depths, you will automatically unlock the area the Ruin Serpent resides in.

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The Ruin Serpent battle possesses a set of unique ooze-clearing mechanics, so make sure your Lumenstone Adjuvant is equipped when you're fighting this boss. The higher your Lumenstone Adjuvant level, the easier this fight is. As for resin cost, this fight will put you back 40 resin like other normal boss fights. It also drops the unique Runic Fang item, which will likely be an Ascension material for future characters.

How To Beat Up The Ruin Serpent

  • Stun the Ruin Serpent: The boss will spit up four puddles of ooze, and at some point, the Ruin Serpent will start absorbing energy from the ooze. You need to pay attention to when it starts doing this. If you purify the ooze pools the boss is attempting to absorb with your Lumenstone Adjuvant, this will stun the Ruin Serpent. A few seconds of immobility is a godsend and you can deal a lot of damage to the boss in this timespan.
  • Recharge your Lumenstone Adjuvant: What if your Lumenstone Adjuvant runs out of energy? No worries. Periodically, geo ore will sprout up on the arena. Use a character to break the ore and restore your energy.
Clear the ooze with your Lumenstone Adjuvant when the Ruin Serpent starts absorbing it.
Clear the ooze with your Lumenstone Adjuvant when the Ruin Serpent starts absorbing it.

Team Comp Recommendations

  • Bring a mobile healer (ex. Barbara, Kokomi, and Diona) if your DPS is adept at close combat. Bennett can work too, if you're mostly working with ranged characters.
  • Bring a shielder (ex. Zhongli, Xinyan, and Noelle). You have to chase the Serpent around the arena constantly and there are a few hard-to-evade attacks, so a shielder is definitely helpful.
  • Geo characters are also great because they can break the geo ores easily, and you can charge your Adjuvant faster.
  • Bring a DPS with good burst damage (ex. Hu Tao and Ayaka) or a ranged DPS (Ganyu and Yoimiya)
  • An additional suggestion, but strictly not necessary: an off-field DPS (ex. Fischl or Yae Miko) is also useful for constant elemental reactions. I used Fischl's Oz to deal constant damage to the Ruin Serpent (when the Serpent is above-ground). Nice to have extra damage while my on-field DPS main (Diluc) is whacking away at the boss.
Sample Ruin Serpent team
Sample Ruin Serpent team

Full List Of Ruin Serpent Abilities:

  • Diving in and out of the ground followed by a lunging attack. This travels quite the distance across the arena. This means the window for damaging it is quite short (as it can't be attacked when underground), and you'll need to take advantage of when it is open for attacks.
  • Spitting up four puddles of ooze, located in the cardinals in the arena.
  • Draining your Lumenstone Adjuvant of all energy except for two bars, at the beginning of the fight only.
  • A spinning attack that can get the characters stuck in the middle, preventing them from clearing the ooze on the side of the arena and thereby unable to stun the Ruin Serpent.
  • It'll also go horizontal and do a sweeping attack, rolling left and right. This is telegraphed quite early, so it's not hard to evade. But it can catch you off-guard.
  • At some point, it'll do a "black hole" attack where players are sucked into the center of the arena.
  • If you let the Ruin Serpent absorb energy from the ooze, it'll have a projectile-firing attack and a downward attack with a sizable range. (Hint: You don't want the Ruin Serpent to get to these stages!)
Stunned Ruin Serpent
Stunned Ruin Serpent

So there you have it: How to effectively take down the Ruin Serpent. Happy farming! For other Chasm-related guides, you can check out our Archon quest walkthrough guide and The Chasm Delvers walkthrough guide.

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