Genshin Impact - How to Unlock the Mawtiyima Forest Domain

Solve the Dendro pillar puzzle to enter the Domain.


Genshin Impact version 3.0 update is now live, allowing players to step foot in the game's newest major area, Sumeru. There are more than a few secrets to uncover and puzzles to solve deep in the region's jungles. Solving this particular puzzle in Mawtiyima Forest will unlock the Under the Umbrella's Shade Domain. Here's what you need to know.

How to Solve the Mawtiyima Forest Elemental Pillar Puzzle

In order to solve this puzzle, you'll need to activate each elemental pillar around the outside of the Domain. If you don't have a Dendro character to use like Tighnari or Collei, simply interact with the Dendrogranum plant nearby to surround yourself with Dendrograna. These little green sprites will follow up aimed bow shots or charged attacks with a Dendro attack for a limited amount of time, so use them to light up the pillars with any character. Here's what the Dendrogranum plant looks like:

Dendrogranum plant and pillars surround the Domain.
Dendrogranum plant and pillars surround the Domain.

The elemental pillars need to be lit up in a certain order, and there are five pillars total. One of them is concealed by a large stone that can only be destroyed by using a Dendrograna alongside one of your aimed shots or charged attacks. The stone has a glowing green mark on it, so it's hard to miss--deal with that first, before starting the puzzle.

Each pillar has a symbol carved into the ground at its base. Look for the only symbol that's glowing and activate the pillar next to it. Each symbol will point in the direction of the next pillar that needs to be activated, so continue to light them up using the Dendrograna until all pillars are glowing green with Dendro energy like in the image above. Here's what the pillar symbols will look like:

Look for the glowing symbol next to the elemental pillars.
Look for the glowing symbol next to the elemental pillars.

Once the puzzle has been solved, the Under the Umbrella's Shade Domain will rise up from the ground in a short cutscene. Walk up to the door and interact with it to create a new teleport point that can be returned to at any time. A Common Chest will also appear in front of the Domain to reward you for your trouble.

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