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A Misplaced Conch is the final world quest in Genshin Impact's three-part The Scattered Past questline. This quest is one of many that only unlock after the main mirage-related storylines in the Summertime Odyssey event have been completed. Here's where to find the specific Imaging Conches needed to finish up A Misplaced Conch.

How to Start A Misplaced Conch Quest

A Misplaced Conch can only begin once you've completed both The Discarded Insignia and The Misplaced Photo world quests. Head over to the island at the center of the Golden Apple Archipelago and speak to the group of Fatui to find out how to help Yakov. After that, interact with the Imaging Conch in the middle of the camp to unlock the next objective.

Misplaced Conch Locations

You can skip straight to the bottom of this guide if you've already found all of the Phantasmal Conches on the archipelago, but if you haven't, we'll list the three that are required for this quest. At the end of the guide, we'll show you how to place the conches down in the correct order.

Minacious Isle Conch

This conch can be found at the very top of Minacious Isle. Climb up above the shallow pool on the west side of the isle to get to it. It'll be sitting above the spot where you found Chevka earlier in this questline. Here's where to look for it:

Misplaced conch on Minacious Isle

Twinning Isle Conch

The conch on Twinning Isle is located inside a well that's surrounded by raven statues from Fischl's mirage. Go to the spot on the map in the first image below to find the well and speak to each stone raven. Then, choose the option to throw stones down the well to make the water rise. Doing so will allow you to grab the conch.

Misplaced conch on Twinning Isle

Broken Isle Conch

The Broken Isle conch is the hardest to reach, as there's a sort of puzzle involved. Go to the spot on the map in the first image below to enter a cavern underneath Broken Isle. Light every torch and Pyro pillar inside the cavern to lower the water level, which will reveal the conch at the bottom of the cavern.

Misplaced conch underneath Broken Isle

Placing the Misplaced Conches

Once you have all three conches, return to the center island. The conches need to be placed in a certain order for the puzzle to be solved, so use the image below for reference. First, place a conch on the box in the middle, then the one on the right, then the one on the left. The game gives the boxes specific names, so, according to those, it's the striped tablecloth box, then the white tablecloth box, then the red tablecloth box.

Boxes in the middle of the Fatui camp
Boxes in the middle of the Fatui camp

Placing the Imaging Conches on the boxes in the right order will return Yakov to his senses in a short cutscene conversation, and both the A Misplaced Conch quest and The Scattered Past questline will come to an end at the same time.

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