Genki, Konami to do Shinsengumi samurai game

The two companies are working on a game based on the elite military group.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Genki and Konami will be releasing Shinsengumi, an action game based on the historical Shinsengumi military group in the late Edo period in Japan. The objective of the game is for the player to take control of the Shinsengumi squad and secure the nation's capital from samurai who are fighting for a revolution because foreign influences are growing stronger and the government's power is getting weaker. The player's team must search through the city of Kyoto for the rebels and use four different formations to defeat the opponents with their swords. The Shinsengumi group has been used as a theme in a number of games and animes in recent years, such as the popular manga/anime series Rurouni Kenshin.

Shinsengumi is currently 30-percent complete and will be displayed at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Metal Gear Solid series artist Yoji Shinkawa will be creating illustrations for the game.

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