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Gen V Season 2 Adds Midnight Mass Star Hamish Linklater

Midnight Mass' Hamish Linklater has landed a co-starring role in Prime Video's spin-off from The Boys.


While The Boys is returning to Prime Video for Season 4 later this month, the spin-off series, Gen V, is still preparing for its second season. Now, Hamish Linklater has signed on for a role in Gen V Season 2 which will give his character some on-screen authority.

Via Variety, Linklater will portray Cipher, the new Dean of Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, which is where Vought International sends would-be superheroes for training. There's no indication yet that Cipher has any powers of his own, but he is described as "charismatic and charming." He is also "trained as a scientist," and a "politically brilliant" man who "has the trust and admiration of officials at the highest level."

Linklater had a small role in 20th Century Fox's 2005 Fantastic Four movie, and a more substantial role on FX's Legion. In addition to starring in Netflix's Midnight Mass, Linklater's other credits include Fargo, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gaslit, and his most recent role as Abraham Lincoln in Apple TV+'s Manhunt.

Most of Gen V's cast from Season 1 will return, including Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Maddie Phillips, Asa Germann, London Thor and Derek Luh. Chance Perdomo, who portrayed Andre Anderson, passed away during the hiatus. Perdomo's role will not be recast in Season 2.

Gen V Season 2 will begin production this year and return to Prime Video in 2025.

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