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Gen Con 2001: EverQuest Tournament

Sony Online has begun its EverQuest dueling tournament at Gen Con in Milwaukee.


One of the many attendees of Wizards of the Coast's Gen Con game convention is Sony Online, publisher of the online role-playing game EverQuest. The company kicked off the first day of its EverQuest Gladiator Tournament today at the show. All participants in the tournament are given a level-24 character of whichever character class they choose, then take on challengers in single duels. The first round of duels is among same-class characters (we stopped by the booth in the middle of the preliminary shadowknight competition). Later, the winners of each character class division will square off against each other for various prizes; all participants can compete for and win EverQuest caps, t-shirts, printed game guidebooks, and official EverQuest action figures. And participants may also enter a separate raffle to win Sony Electronics prizes like walkmans and portable TVs.

According to Sony Online representative Tony Rado, the competition itself is intended to be both a means of thanking the EverQuest community for its continued support, as well as something of a return to the roots of gaming. Rado explained that Gen Con has traditionally been the host of tournaments for dedicated players of various pen-and-paper role-playing games, and that Sony's tournament is intended to serve the same purpose for devoted EverQuest players. The tournament itself is scheduled to go through Saturday. For more information about the Gen Con EverQuest Gladiator Tournament, see Sony Online's tournament page.

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