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GeForce Now Works Through Web Browsers Now, But Only On Chromebooks

The launch of GeForce Now on Chromebooks could be a glimpse into the future of the platform.


GeForce Now, Nvidia's own solution to game streaming, is launching on Chromebooks today. Unlike the service on Windows and Mac, however, Chromebook players will be able to access the service though a web browser, which might indicate where Nvidia hopes to go next.

Not only does Chromebook support open up GeForce Now to more players who potentially don't have the hardware to run games (Nvidia says 80% of Now users don't meet minimum specifications for games with the hardware they play on), but it also provides a glimpse into the future of the service. Chromebook players will be the first to access the service via a web browser, which could signal how Nvidia plans to move this service to other devices and operating systems in the future.

With the ongoing battles between Google and Microsoft with Apple regarding game streaming, having functionality work through a browser potentially could circumvent that, if Nvidia decides to pursue it.

Chromebook users will be able to sign up and subscribe to GeForce Now through this link, which will then give them access to stream any games they own. Unlike Google Stadia, GeForce Now only streams games you own on other platforms, such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. Publishers need to allow Nvidia to stream their games, but the GPU manufacturer charges nothing for the service.

Instead, it offers two tiers of subscriptions, depending on what hardware will power your games and how long you can play before needing to queue for space again. Both the free and $5 a month tiers max out at 1080p / 60 FPS but paying players will get access to ray tracing-capable hardware and priority when logging on. GeForce Now is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and now ChromeOS.

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