GeForce LAN 2.0 opens registration

Nvidia's "BYOC" fragfest will see the first public showing of the "G70" next-gen processor; entrants get copy of Battlefield 2.


Nvidia is asking for PC gamers to join them at the GeForce LAN 2.0 shindig taking place on San Francisco's Embarcadero on June 21. The bring-your-own-computer event is open to the first 250 entrants. Registration and information is available online at the official Web site. Tickets cost $25 to be a BYOC participant, or $5 for spectator admission.

Nvidia will hold two gaming tournaments, one in Battlefield 2 and one in Unreal Tournament 2004. Nvidia will reward prizes for the competitions, and hold surprise contests for other goodies. In addition to receiving a free Nvidia T-shirt, BYOC participants can snack on free pizza and drinks all day.

There will also be a case mod competition for PC gearheads who have assembled their own kits. The categories will be in Best Aftermarket Cable Management, Best Aftermarket Silent Solution, Best Original Case, and Best of Show.

GeForce LAN 2.0 will also mark the launch of Nvidia's next-generation GPU, code-named the G70.

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