Gears of War, Unreal Creator Epic Reveals Its New Game, Paragon

Check out the first of the game's hero characters.


Epic Games today announced its newest game, Paragon. At this point, beyond the name, we know almost nothing about it.

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The game's official website is now live, but you won't find much information there currently. That includes any indication of what kind of game this is--all we know for sure is that it has guns, different "hero" characters, and unlockable items.

The site teases that you can "discover a new hero each week and unlock unique in-game items." The first of these heroes is the Twinblast, which you can see in the video above. Some accompanying text states, "Go in. Both guns blazing." The "items" you can unlock sound more like perks; you can do more damage while injured, for instance, or be more effective against shields. You can choose one of these to have unlocked when you first begin playing the game.

There's little else on the site, though you can sign up for a beta test. There's no specific date for when it will begin, but Epic says Paragon is "coming to PC in early 2016."

Having parted ways the Gears of War franchise, Epic is currently at work on a new Unreal Tournament, as well as Fortnite. It also continues to develop the Unreal Engine.

We'll have more on Paragon as it's announced.

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