Gears of War HD Remaster Video Leaks Online

Footage appears to show Microsoft's unannounced project running on Xbox One.


Footage of what is believed to be Microsoft's rumoured Gears of War remaster has appeared online.

Gameplay videos were originally posted on the XboxDVR website, which gathers clips recorded using the Xbox One's integrated capture technology. However, these clips have since been removed.

Naturally, the footage has now appeared in alternative locations. You can watch two clips here and here. Additionally, images of the game have also popped up on NeoGAF, one of which you can see below.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

When asked for a statement on this leak, a Microsoft spokesperson said: "We have nothing to announce at this time."

In April, reports suggested Microsoft was working on an HD remaster of the original Gears of War for Xbox One. Additional sources later said Gears of War on Xbox One features better lighting and improved texture quality.

Multiplayer reportedly runs at 60 frames per second and will feature new cinematics.

Although Microsoft has not yet officially announced the game, it has been reported that Splash Damage, the UK-based studio behind Brink and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, is development Gears of War HD remaster.

Microsoft acquired the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games last year, and tasked its newly established Black Tusk Studios to create a new entry in the action-shooter series for Xbox One. This project is believed to be a entirely new entry in the series.

Black Tusk producer Rod Fergusson previously teased that fans should tune in to E3 in June, suggesting the new Gears of War may appear during the show.

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Wow! I'm so excited to play a game I have already played and own at a higher resolution and a few better textures.

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Gears of Crap remastered for Xbox 0 because they have no games to look forward to.

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@Terminator95: Someone is mad.

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Yeah just like sony Last of us remastered and God of whore 3 remastered. Looks like the Sony gaystation can't do the same either huh?

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Oh yeah once uncharted 4 is released or before fans will ask for uncharted remake? No games huh? Lol

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Could the new generation get off to any slower a start for feck sake.

Last year they remastered all the halo games and this year they're remastering gears of war.

I've played all these games tons already.

Why are they so slow to bring anything new.

So I'm guessing then next year a remaster of gears of war 2, then 2017 a remaster of gears of war 3 then in 2018 finally they might have a new gears of war game if it doesn't get delayed.

That's how slow and crap things have gotten lately.

I have the xbox 360 and all the originals I might aswell just replay them instead it's the same frigging game.

Why should I bother buying a new console if all they're going to bring is the same stuff I've already played on the 360.

It looks like a generation of remasters, delays and games that never come close to living up graphically to what is originally shown ie. watch dogs, witcher 3, probably the Division.

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@quinnd6: Hate to say it, but you get what you pay for.

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As long as they took the time necessary to fix the atrocious art style of the 3D models.

I mean, the game itself is testosterone-ridiculous as it is, but then throw in these characters that look like they were created from an amalgam of 90s "extreme" era rejects and a 12 year olds 'uber-manly fan-comic'

Avatar image for lightrade

@skyhighgam3r: I personally liked the style. Every other shooter was either a sci-fi like Halo or a realistic war game like Call of Duty.

Gears mixed in both sci-fi and gritty realism. It's like the Mortal Kombat of shooters. Not every game is meant to be catered toward every gender either.

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This will be a day one pre-order for me and I will pay full price.

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You and me brotha

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

Would have thought this article would have more comments on it, though I'm sure that will change once the updated article hits since the users who leaked these videos and screenshots have now lost their Xbox Live accounts and their Xbox Ones shut down.


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In my opinion this Gears was the best. Now of course they made movement a little more solid by 3 but the sawed of shotgun is bull and the fighting doesn't feel as weighty. When Gears 1 was big everyone was playing it, combat felt heavy and there was a lot more satisfaction when you took out a whole team solo.

I hope they do this remaster right.

Avatar image for Ferg1213

@bentleyj10: Gears 1 was the sickest experience man. Both online and campaign were phenomenal. Obviously the mechanics are a bit outdated now, but the atmosphere was spot on. God, I remember Gears 2 on release... the community was furious. What an utter f**k up on EPIC's part. Slow movement speed, stopping power, broken online and cartoony textures were heartbreaking. The maps were absolutely great though, some of the best. And during its final years (after the 6th title update) some fun times were had but it never lived up to the first, in my experience. Then Gears 3 came... the mechanics were so fluid and the connection was much better. Other than that it was a huge slap in the face to its fanbase. I'm so glad Black Tusk are taking it back to its roots, all evidence points towards them taking it in the right direction. They're doing good things for the community.

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why are they using a a completely differently area as a comparison shot? Oh that's because this story was ripped from neogaf forums

Avatar image for Ferg1213

@vickissv2: Exactly the same area, character standing a few metres in front. Left side of Canals.

Avatar image for bentleyj10

@vickissv2: Pretty sure its the same area just with a new look.

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I watched a short video and they really did a nice makeover.

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@rasterror: Can you post a link?

Avatar image for rasterror


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Please make the online run on the dedicated cloud servers

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any chance to release on pc?

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hope the game play mechanics are more like gears 3

Avatar image for DarkReign2022

I'm impressed actually. I really didn't think there would be much of a difference, but looking at the screenshot above, the left version really does look quite a bit better than the right. Kudos to the development team for being able to pull that off. With Halo 2 Anniversary, there were moments where I actually wasn't sure if I was in Classic or Anniversary mode. Not sure if that's a testament to the original games visuals or a bad design in the Anniversary remake. Some of the original textures in H2 simply looked better.

Avatar image for jonnywebo321

@DarkReign2022: The screen on the left is the original and right is remaster if the video is truly a leak.

Avatar image for snake3rules

Yeah i was gonna say... Either way, worst comparison screens ever.

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@jonnywebo321@DarkReign2022: Wow, you're not joking. I actually thought the right screen was the original.

Avatar image for bentleyj10

@shagadelic@jonnywebo321@DarkReign2022: Guess you never played Gears then. Or just can't tell the difference in better textures.

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Thanks for the useless screens

Avatar image for vickissv2

@eternaldragoonx: They couldn't even have the same area for the comparison screens. Amateur.

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Is it bad that I couldn't really tell which was the remaster and which was the original?

Avatar image for geiasou

@TheFrow: Yes! the remastered one has better lighting & better textures..if you watch the gameplay on neogaf, you can see how good it really looks

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@geiasou@TheFrow: I only looked at GS' comparison screenshot tool thing, they both don't look that great.

Avatar image for bentleyj10

@TheFrow@geiasou: Well yeah its a crappy screenshot but you should be able to tell the difference. Gears still looks better than a lot of games today. Being able to make those graphics work pretty perfect online is pretty amazing too.

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@TheFrow: You must be pretty blind then.

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@TheFrow: for you maybe?

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this is good, I would like to see the trilogy coming to X1 as well!

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Looks awesome so far. Can't wait to revisit one of my all time favorite games. Going to be a blast.

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I just hope they don't screw up the mp part of these games. It would be very cool for them to use the MP menu(gametypes) from 3 and Judgment(specifically Domination, Overrun and Free for All) and include ALL the maps from every game and NOT do it like Halo MCC. Have everything in one menu instead of keeping it separate.

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Who the heck leaks this stuff?!?! Must be an absolute head-ache for companies when this happens.. Anyway, if you never got the chance to play Gears of War, and now own an Xbox One, get it... Easily one of the best third person shooters made

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@BelaidKL: Play testers.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@BelaidKL: I would almost bet money this is a planned leak. This is cheap easy publicity.

Avatar image for TheFrow

@spartanx169x@BelaidKL: Could just as easily release it officially... no need to "leak" it.

Avatar image for BelaidKL

@spartanx169x: Wouldn't make much sense though.. Gears of War is already a large established franchise... Doesn't really need that much publicity, considering the expected "reveal" would've been around a month away at E3

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@BelaidKL@spartanx169x: Well you still have to consider that most people don't frequent game sites on a regular basis like us. So a leak would be news to them and might encourage them to go looking.