Gears of War Creator Defends Free-to-Play for LawBreakers

"We want it to be positive."


Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski's next game, LawBreakers, will use a free-to-play business model. But Bleszinski says in a new interview that Boss Key and publisher Nexon are still determining exactly how this will work. He admits that free-to-play doesn't have the best reputation, but stresses that every game is different, and LawBreakers hopes to use free-to-play "in a good way that makes gamers happy."

"We're still playing around with the monetization model," he told Game Informer. "We want it to be positive. A lot of core gamers hear free-to-play and it's like feeding a child asparagus. There is a bad reputation to it and I get it."

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Bleszinski added: "And we're not ready to rule out the idea that maybe if you give us $20 bucks and you can have early access and then when the game launches you get a special pack that other people pay $20 bucks for. How you do free-to-play is unique for each product, and we want do to do it in a good way that makes gamers happy. We're open to unique ideas for how we get this game to market."

At PAX Prime last weekend, Boss Key released the first gameplay trailer for LawBreakers--and it looked great. We also spoke with Bleszinski on our stage show; check out the interview in the video above.

Bleszinski revealed there that Boss Key is considering bringing LawBreakers to console some day, though he stressed that the PC version is the studio's focus at this time. If a console version were to happen, Boss Key would have to find a partner to port the game, as the studio is too small to develop it internally.

LawBreakers launches in 2016 for PC. What do you make of it so far? Share your thoughts below.

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