Gears of War 4's Cast Revealed, Includes Marcus Fenix's Son

The legacy lives on.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Gears of War 4 Cast Revealed

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The cover for this month's Game Informer magazine provided a first look at the cast for the upcoming Microsoft shooter Gears of War 4. Set over two decades after Gears of War 3, the game will feature a new slate of characters, including the son of previous protagonist Marcus Fenix. Here's the GI cover image and a few details about the actor's portraying each role.

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  • JD Fenix (middle): The son of Marcus Fenix. Played by Liam McIntyre
  • Kait Diaz (right): A survivalist who, according to Game Informer, was "raised outside of the walled city-states protecting most of humanity." Played by Laura Bailey.
  • Delmont "Del" Walker (left): An ex-COG soldier and longtime friend of JD. Played by Eugene Byrd.

This month's Game Informer will also include a 14-page cover story with more details about the game and its voice actors.

Gear of War 4 is set to launch sometime later this year. And if you played Gears of War Ultimate Edition on your Xbox Live account sometime before March 1, you're already guaranteed "early access" to the Gears 4 beta when it launches.

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Avatar image for julianboxe

So this is what we've come down to...

From the horror-driven "guys with no necks kicking ass" of the first one, down to playing chicks with pink lancers on the 3rd one, and teenagers with a "wannabeecool" visual on the 4th.

Avatar image for brimdunkleton

Infamous criticize for dark brooding white male character.

Second son praised for teen edgy character.

GoW admired for generic dark brooding character(s).

GoW roasted over teen characters who have more than 1 emotion that isn't sadness.

As someone who's played all the gow and infamous games, that's my opinion, so don't go hiking up your boy shorts calling me the delusional retard over something I feel and analyzed over the years and recently.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

This looks awful!!

Avatar image for illage2

O_O No Coltrain???? WTF is this???

Avatar image for SpicyRamen10

I just have one question....okay two; will Carmine be in this game and will he survive?

Avatar image for Grim_Jackal

"JD". They don't even care anymore. No, I'm sorry, JD is a really cool name, it's not 90's lame or anything.

Avatar image for SpicyRamen10

@Grim_Jackal: I can only think of the countless names it could stand John David, Jack Daniel, James Douglas, or even Jack*ss D*ckbag. Then again, the author of a book that I liked was also named "JD", so I'm banking on Jerome David Fenix.

Avatar image for xcrimsonxsynx

@SpicyRamen10: D stands for Dom.

Avatar image for sladakrobot

They just came out of The Walking Dead episode!
Everybody there looks like them :-)

This looks at least more promising than what we saw at the last E3.

Avatar image for xhawk27

Look at the haters. Only Sony games can have Teens in them! hahahahaa

Avatar image for kentray1985

Look at all these Ponies coming in here to hate. These characters look good and we havnt seen them in action yet. Cant wait for this game and see all the ponies growling in the comments lol

Avatar image for dsavish

@kentray1985 only a 15 year old ****** retard says ponies.

an these characters do look horrible.

the original cast destroys them.:

Avatar image for angrycreep

@dsavish: I agree the original cast look better as i guess we gonna have to wait and and see how the final product will look after this game finally comes out at the end of the year..

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@dsavish: You say that as the original crew had some character lol

Avatar image for xhawk27

@dsavish: Here's One now.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17


Avatar image for wretch1d

Nice to see they are not overly bulky meat heads like the past games

Avatar image for xXxKTTxXx

@wretch1d: but that was the point!!!!! xD

Avatar image for H0RSE


^ this guy gets it.

Avatar image for may967873

Wtf, Marcus is the man, not sure about this move

Avatar image for kentray1985

@may967873: Cmon dude, everybody has said how they want to see gears grow and move ahead. This is the right move to me. Marcus Fenix started the story but he not the whole gears universe. Gears have many stories to be told.

Avatar image for Ballroompirate

Please have son(s) of Carmine in Geow 4 XD, that would be awesome.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@Ballroompirate: Or that 4th Carmine we never see

Avatar image for JakeTehNub

Why does Laura Bailey have to be a VA in every game? She's good but doesn't have a very wide range and so when I'm playing Gears I'm just going to hear Lucina and Shaundi.

Avatar image for europeitch

Now here's a game worth getting excited for!

Avatar image for cboye18

It's like a crossing between Infamous SS and Sunset Overdrive. But seriously, these kids probably can't even wear COG armor properly...

Avatar image for xcrimsonxsynx

@cboye18: Last E3 video they were wearing armor.

Avatar image for dsavish

@cboye18 well said lol.:

Avatar image for kentray1985

@cboye18: Stop hating lol

Avatar image for senorbusyman

i dont want to hear Laura Bailey in Gears :/

Avatar image for razik

I'm getting a Star Wars vibe from that concept art

Avatar image for kentray1985

@razik: Wow then then that must be a good thing but I dont get why anyone would think of star wars after looking at this concept art.

Avatar image for profchrisk

Andy Diggle and Weather Wizard join forces, not too shabby..

Avatar image for Adam802

next gen gears of war 4 is gonna be amazing

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Nice. This game is going to be so awesome, can't wait.

Avatar image for ojmstr

@Archangel3371: I will probably buy an xboxone just for this game:) Played all 3 + Judgment, been a huge Gears fan since EMERGENCE DAY! :D

Avatar image for Zicoroen

One more character is coming.

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