Gears of War 4 Scales Back Co-Op, Story Takes Place Over 24-Hour Period

Co-op now limited to two players.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Gears of War 4 Scales Back Co-Op, Story Takes Place Over 24-Hour Period

Even more Gears of War 4 details have emerged thanks to Game Informer's cover story on the upcoming Xbox One game. We already learned about the game's main characters, including Marcus Fenix's son, and now that the full April issue is available, more gameplay and story details have come to light.

Image credit: Game Informer
Image credit: Game Informer

One notable piece of information is that Gears of War 4 will offer two-player co-op, which is scaled back from four-player support in Gears of War 3. This is for local play and online.

Player one is always JD Fenix, while player two can choose between Kait and Del. "While the three characters remain together for most of the game, at times they might get split up, and the story has subtle differences depending on whether player two is Kait or Dell," according to Game Informer.

As for story details, it's now been confirmed that Gears of War 4's full story, which takes place on Sera 25 years after Gears of War 3, will unfold over a period of just 24 hours.

The Game Informer story also reveals that, while the Imulsion weapon set off at the end of Gears of War 3 successfully killed all the Locusts, it also knocked out fossil fuels. There are only a few hundred thousand people left on Sera in Gears of War 4, and COG forces round everyone up and put them in walled-in structures. Not everyone is happy, and a splinter group, The Outsiders, forms outside of the walls.

"There's this notion that the COG is like an overprotective parent trying to preserve life and ensure people's safety," producer Rod Fergusson said. "The Outsiders are a group of people who are purposefully stepping outside the COG and breaking free because they think life isn't worth living unless it's lived free...As we were conceptualizing The Outsiders, we initially started with the hippie movement, but then we realized we wanted them to have an edge and we started thinking of them more like this 1970s motorcycle gang."

The full Game Informer story is a great read, packed with loads of interesting details about Gears of War 4 the game (including new enemy types and guns, as well as Sera's new volatile weather system) and the team behind it. Really, go read it here.

Gears of War 4 is scheduled to launch later this year for Xbox One. A beta will be held sometime this spring, though a start-date has not yet been announced.

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Avatar image for pochodemarco

a fps campaing of 24hours long. its a lot.

Avatar image for AyatollaofRnR

Four player Co-op doesn't necessarily make a gamer better. It often turns the game into large open area enemy spam fest. I'd rather play a more nuanced 2 player game.

Perhaps they could have a 4 player horde mode.

Avatar image for deaditelord

@AyatollaofRnR: Yeah as long as they don't scale back to four players in the other multiplayer modes I'm fine with a two player local/online co-op story mode. The loss of couch co-op and the ability for two players to play split screen online has turned my Xbox and PS4 into paper weights since there's hardly any AAA games that support these features. It's why my online crew has skipped buying Halo 5 and why I've barely touched the game.

Avatar image for jaoman9

why would they scale back the ONE thing that made the gears of war trilogy good?

Avatar image for trilobitelizard

@jaoman9: The only game with four player coop was 3, the rest all had two player coop.

Avatar image for williamdrake

While the story is 24 hours I hope the game is longer

Avatar image for yukushi

I am starting to think that this series should have ended after gears of war 3, the first 3 gears of war was some of the best games I ever played now with marcus fenix and the crew out of it and these skinny emo dudes coming in this is just milking the franchise.

Avatar image for Neubmann

Anyone else in disbelief that this is coming out this year? MS acquired the rights to the Gears IP in Jan. 2014. Even if Black Tusk (now The Coalition) went STRAIGHT to work on this back then, it'll still be under 3 years dev time come this Fall.

Not to mention, most of that team worked on Ultimate Edition last year. How are they releasing a AAA franchised game with a full campaign and MP suite in under 3 years? In this day and age? I'd be extremely impressed.

Avatar image for LPDisturbedHU

@Neubmann: MS doesn't screw around when it comes to getting their big releases out in a timely fashion. Now, I just really hope it doesn't end up like MCCA (which I'm sure it won't), if it did, my heart would break.

Avatar image for flames325

Damn Gears of War is my favorite franchise but with only 2 player co-op it will have to be a rental.Do better next time coalition there is no excuse to go from 4 player co-op down to 2

Avatar image for karloss01

@flames325: except the reason there are three characters and only two are ever on from start to finish? It's what the article said.

Avatar image for cojuelodevil

guests I'll wait for a price drop, the hole reason I wanted this game was for the 4 player Co-op

Avatar image for Crypt_mx

@cojuelodevil: 4 player Co-op restricts the way they can design and direct the levels, gears 3 was essentially just a series of giant open areas filled with waist high cover. With just two players you can do tighter, more intense and intimate scenes where you can create suspense. Gears 1 and 2 had better structure because of it, more doesn't always equal better , it just becomes restricting.

Avatar image for cojuelodevil

@Crypt_mx: agree, and will end up buying the game but will rather wait for the price drop first.

Avatar image for 001011000101101

So what exactly differentiates the game at this point? The setting, and?

Avatar image for louixiii

So where did the roaches come from?

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

Let me guess, for a locked 60 FPS?

At least they kept co-op

Avatar image for louie_cloud

You know whats funny, Earth Defense Force 4.1 has 4 player co-op lol

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@louie_cloud: Funny also that EDF looks like a X360 game

Avatar image for alldaelong

Well there goes my reason for buying an xbox. Saves me 400 bucks

Avatar image for toophat2014

@alldaelong: 400 bucks? You can buy an Xbox one for as low as 300 bucks and even 250 if on sale 400 bucks would be for some bundle deal or an elite Xbox one maybe. Prices retail range from 300 to 500 bucks depending on bundle you want.

Avatar image for maxirons

@alldaelong: HAHAHA

Avatar image for BraveArc

As long as my friends and I can play split-screen co-op campaign, I'm all good. Halo 5 was such a disappointment, I don't even feel like playing it.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

Yeah who wants multiplayer when you can look at pretty graphics

First they started to remove couch co-op because "who would want that when you can play online and no one has to leave their house?" and now they took the next step "who would want to play multiplayer when you can have prettier graphics?"

Avatar image for trilobitelizard

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: This game still has two player coop, you know, like Gears 1 and 2 did.

Avatar image for obsidian_born

I fucking knew it... There is a rebel group! Red Versus Blue / Human Versus Human in multiplayer might as well be confirmed! Custom avatars sound way better than choosing characters. That screenshot looks pretty rad too.

Avatar image for Choad-Warrior

I like that it says local co-op. I would have been angry of they Halo'd the co-op in this game too.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

If the weapon from Gears of War 3 killed off all the locusts, why do I see JD stabbing one in the picture?

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@rosinmonkekyx17: Who would stay dead in a milked franchice?

Avatar image for clyderobsemall

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Dom?

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@clyderobsemall: We never saw him die, not any more than Brick and Mordecai in Borderlands 2

The stage is set for the most awesome comeback ever

EDIT: and just to be clear I'm not hating the franchise. 1-3 was great ride and maybe this fills some gap too

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Sounds very interesting. Really looking forward to this game, can't wait to try the beta.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

Gears of 2

Avatar image for Pyrosa


Seriously, ouch. My Xbox One Co-op games team (which is -- huge surprise -- 4 people total) isn't going to like this any more than I do. Sure, we can play 2x2, I suppose... That was the only real disappointment about GOW1 UE -- going back to the basic 2P co-op campaign.

Let's hope they didn't decide to ditch Horde too, or I'll actually advise the group to NOT preorder.

Avatar image for NTM23

Interesting. Shoot, I wish the remaster treatment was given to all three games instead of the first. I love the first, but honestly, playing the Ultimate Edition was a little disappointing, and not just because it wasn't the trio.

Avatar image for captainwonton

Oh man how much I wanted gears to be 4 player coop when I was playing the second one, and now were back again, i hope the story really needs that to be awesome

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

24 copy cat.

Avatar image for xavier141524

Can't wait for the game