Gears Dev Shows Off Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo Image

Ahead of the Game Developers Conference, The Coalition provides another look at its Alpha Point demo.


The Coalition, the developer of Microsoft's Gears series, has released an image from its upcoming showcase that's focused on Unreal Engine 5 and the new Alpha Point demo. The new image from Alpha Point shows off a beautiful scene inside what looks to be some kind of ruined cavern with a mysterious floating object in the middle. The sun peeks through the ceiling to illuminate the otherwise dark scene for a nice effect.

As announced previously, The Coalition's technical director Kate Rayner and technical art director Colin Penty will show off the Alpha Point demo at the Game Developers Conference on July 20. They will also offer insight into other aspects of Unreal Engine 5's inner workings and how they'll be used on Xbox Series X|S, such as material setup, temporal super-resolution, virtual texture findings, and other advanced visual effects.

Back in May, The Coalition announced that it was shifting to next-gen game development exclusively while using the latest Unreal engine and that it had no plans to officially announce any of the new games right away. What we do know, however, is that one of those games is definitely not related to Star Wars.

The Coalition's latest game is Gears 5, which the studio continues to support.

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