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Gears 5 "Operation 2: Free For All" Expansion Detailed

All coming on December 11, probably.


The next big expansion for Gears 5 is slated to launch next week, and The Coalition has announced a veritable Brumak-load of additions and improvements. The update will be called Operation 2: Free For All, and is scheduled to release on December 11 pending certification. You can see the new additions in the trailer above.

The update leads with several new modes or additions to current modes, seven new maps, and a handful of characters. The Free For All versus mode will let 14 players battle it out to become the first to 30 kills. It will be available as a featured playlist at first, and then be added as a Ranked mode in January. Three new maps have been developed specifically to support the larger-than-usual FFA mode: Pit, Core, and Nethercutt.

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The new Arcade Blitz mode is an objective-based mode with constantly shifting goals. You can also play 2v2 Gnashers, and two maps are coming back to support the mode: Boxes and Foundation Mid. More 2v2 Gnashers maps are said to be coming in future updates.

You'll also be able to play as one of two new heroes or three new villains soon. The heroes include Lizzie Carmine, a Tank who can summon a Silverback onto the battlefield, and Damon Baird, an Engineer who can summon a DR-1. The villains side will get Jermad, who has reduced headshot damage, and a Locust Drone with reduced recoil on DeeBee weapons. A third villain, Kantus, will be coming in early 2020. Plus, Scorpio Squad will be available to play in Horde mode.

In addition to the new maps for FFA and Arcade Blitz, two more Arena maps are coming: Allfathers Arena and Lift. The update will also add 6 new Hives, to be dropped throughout the event, and 27 new Tiles.

Finally, the update will come with quality-of-life improvements. The Coalition promises a better reward structure, more flexibility for earning rewards, a better experience for boosted players, and more tour objectives.

You can pick up Operation 2: Free For All as a bundle that includes the new characters, Eclipse weapon set, 1000 Iron, and 30 days of boost, for $20. Or, you can purchase the heroes and villains individually for 500 Iron each.

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