Gears 5 Having Rocky Launch But Dev Says Issues Are Being Worked On

The Coalition has implemented a number of "server side updates" for Gears 5.


Gears 5 has been experiencing server and stability issues since its early access launch, with users seeing frequent disconnects and missing content. Developer The Coalition says it is working to resolve the problems plaguing the third-person shooter.

Gears 5 unlocked for Ultimate Edition owners and Xbox Games Pass Ultimate subscribers on September 5, a few days ahead of its official September 10 launch. Since this is an early access release, the game has been experiencing a number of issues, including long searches and connection errors, players getting kicked from Campaign, missing Ultimate Edition content, and more. The Coalition, in a series of tweets, confirmed that it is aware of these issues and actively working to address them.

One solution The Coalition has recommended, especially regarding the missing Ultimate Edition content, is rebooting the game and hard-resetting the device. Doing both should resolve connectivity issues and award the bonus content. Additionally, The Coalition has implemented a number of "server side updates" aimed at improving stability and fixing issues.

While things look to be improving, The Coalition notes that Gears 5 is still facing a number of persistent problems, particularly around matching and online services. It seems some players are have difficulty connecting--and staying connected--to matches. The developer tweeted that it is "actively investigating the issue" and trying to resolve things quickly.

Despite the issues Gears 5 is facing, the game has received a rather positive reception. In our Gears 5 review-in-progress we said, "Gears 5 might suffer from some of the same storytelling missteps as its predecessors, and it might not venture far out of the past, but the new ideas it brings to the series are all good reasons for fans to return." We've also compiled a list of other Gears 5 reviews, with the scores tilting toward the more favorable end of the spectrum. The game's even gotten the attention of the series' former lead designer Cliff Bleszinski, who's incredibly happy a woman is on the cover.

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