Gears 5 Adds Carmine Family Members In New DLC

New characters are now available in the Xbox One and PC game, and here's how to unlock all three.


Gears 5 continues to add new characters for multiplayer. The newest additions are the Carmine family. Specifically, Anthony, Benjamin, and Gary Carmine are now available in the Xbox One and PC game.

Unlike the previously released DLC characters, the Carmines are only available for versus multiplayer. Developer The Coalition says in a blog post that it understands people may want to play as the Carmines in the PvE modes Horde and Escape, but it won't happen soon. "We have a broader PvE plan coming that will allow you to take these--and all COG--characters into Horde or Escape," the studio said.

The Carmines are available to unlock through gameplay by crafting their unique totem and earning 30,000 XP. Alternatively, you can buy them for 500 Iron each, or through a $10 USD bundle that includes all three plus additional items such as bloodsprays and banners.

There is a more expensive "Deluxe Carmine Bundle" (1800 Iron) that includes the three characters, the bloodsprays and banners, and special skins for each, including Academy Anthony Carmine, Firestarter Benjamin Carmine, and Biker Gary Carmine. These special skins will be available to buy individually "in the next few weeks."

The release of the Carmines kicks off a change to how The Coalition is releasing new characters by making them exclusive to versus multiplayer.

"We've heard loud and clear that you want to see more of your favorite Characters back sooner-- which is why we have scrapped our mandate of Characters needing to release with PvE or new Arcade skillsets," The Coalition said. "By removing this mandate, this means we'll be able to release characters into the game more often and in higher volume just like you've asked us to do."

More broadly, The Coalition said it is looking to "fundamentally re-evaluate the foundations of Gears 5" to help the game become more closely aligned to what fans want. In addition to content updates and changes to the game, The Coalition is working on technical advancements for the title to help it shine as a launch title for Xbox Series X.

Carmine Bundle – $9.99 USD

  • Anthony Carmine Character
  • Benjamin Carmine Character
  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Carmine Must Die Bloodspray
  • Save Carmine Bloodspray
  • Carmine Family Banner
  • Carmine Must Die Banner
  • Save Carmine Banner

Deluxe Carmine Bundle – 1800 Iron

  • Academy Anthony Carmine Character Skin
  • Firestarter Benjamin Carmine Character Skin
  • Biker Gary Carmine Character Skin
  • + All of the above Bundle content!
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