Gearbox working on two new IPs for next-gen

CEO Randy Pitchford confirms Borderlands studio working on brand-new games for next-generation consoles.


Today during a PAX Prime panel, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford revealed that the studio is working on two new franchises for the next-generation of consoles.

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These are in addition to other new projects the company is working on, Pitchford said. During the panel, Pitchford joked, "Should we announce Borderlands 3?"

Gearbox Software confirmed last year that Brothers in Arms: Furious Four will be reimagined as a new IP.

Also during the panel, Gearbox Software gave new details about its 2013 Community Day event. This year's event will take place on September 14 and will be streamed online.

Those who purchase the "digital bonus pack" for the Community Day event will be able to stream the event in high definition and will receive access to a closed beta for one of the upcoming Gearbox Software games. In addition, these users will receive a free download of Homeworld HD.

A price for the bonus pack was not announced.

Borderlands 2 was released in September 2012 and has shipped over 7 million copies to date. A Game of the Year version will be released in October.

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Avatar image for Samslayer

Gearbox right now is the most polarizing developer for me. They can lay a couple of huge eggs, then make a Borderlands. Hopefully these two new IPs are focused on fun instead of just cashing in. Here's looking at you Aliens and Duke...

Avatar image for sidzero

I hope they give Duke Nukem another shot... and do it right instead of polishing up the turd that 3DRealms left them with.

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

Can't wait to see what they bring to the table next gen... but, either way, Borderlands 3 WILL be preordered first chance, WILL be bought first day and BL2 shall be played until that release date - just like BL1 and BL2, for me.

Avatar image for kyle756

Well they are funding Homeworld Shipbreakers (use to be Hardware Shipbreakers) by Blackbird Interactive which is staffed by many of the Relic employees who worked on the first Homeworld, so there is at least potential there

Avatar image for Hurvl

Aside from Borderlands they haven't made anything I'm interested in. I guess this next-gen release is like a ketchup effect, we all of a sudden get both new consoles as well as (completely) new IP's. We'll see how far that creativity and new-ness will hold on.

Avatar image for pip3dream

How does gearbox still have money to make shit after all the... shit they've made?

Avatar image for leikeylosh

Their new IPs will be called "Landsborder" and "Border of Lands".

Avatar image for Hurvl

@leikeylosh No, nothing like those two, because that would *border* on unique.

Avatar image for leikeylosh

@Hurvl @leikeylosh *Rimshot sound effect*

Avatar image for leikeylosh

@BrainFart01 @leikeylosh @Hurvl Yes, it's a great movie, glad you like it too!

Avatar image for BrainFart01

@leikeylosh @Hurvl all hail the last samurai

Avatar image for Gargus

Whatever they are working on it will will suck. Gearbox hasn't been able to make a great game, and they have been around since a couple expansions for half life 1 (both of which were awful). Closest thing they came to a good game was borderlands, but even that is only any good with friends because its a repetitive boring piece of shit otherwise.

Avatar image for xcollector

Gears Box is a one trick borderlands pony. Who are they kidding?

Avatar image for ForCommenting

Didn't gamespot made a video once about how hard it is to make an Alien game? So performing badly on the creation of Alien Colonial Marines isn't fully their fault, they just started with an amazing hard challenge. It just wasn't such a great idea to take the the challenge.

In my opinion Gearbox had ups (borderlands) and downs (duke and aliens) so anything could happen. Patience is the best course of action atm

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

They Have Two New IP's that will Be Funded and Outsourced to ill-equipped Developers, and The Money will be used to Develop Borderlands 3. Then The New IP's will be released unfinished, buggy, unplayable, and Randy will once again claim complete innocence, Blame it on SEGA (Or The Nearest convenient scapegoat) and litigate anyone who hurts his fragile feelings on Twitter.

Gearbox: Business Model Of Champions.

Avatar image for anybodykilla15

@TheWatcher000 he developed insanely childish behaviour only after borderlands released......I guess that game really does have an influence

Avatar image for Hurvl

@anybodykilla15 @TheWatcher000 Borderlands gave him borderline personality disorder, lol?

Avatar image for NikIvRu

To all the dumb asses thinking about Aliens and Duke Nukem - new IPs mean new FRANCHISE, NOT sequel.

Avatar image for Rambolike

Sorry, no more Gearbox for me. After that Aliens fiasco, I'm done.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Borderlands 2 has some of the best comedic writing I've seen in a game. Good storyline, too.

As long as the new IP's do not take away from the best writing team currently at work on any game anywhere.. well.. then and only then am I interested.

Avatar image for ender707

One will be developed in house, the other will be primarily outsourced. See if you can spot the difference when they release!

Avatar image for santinegrete

Let's approach with care please.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Yes, I can't wait to see what shit they'll churn out next!

Avatar image for DrKill09

After Aliens Colonial Marines, I don't give a shit.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

@DrKill09 I picked it up on the cheap a few weeks back and tried it myself.

I gotta say I enjoyed it. Then again, I came at it thinking it would be horrid, and was kinda happily surprised.

Have you actually played it? Or are you just commenting based on reviews you've read?

Avatar image for Rambolike

@PixelAddict @DrKill09 I've played it; it's okay, but not worth the original price, and definitely doesn't do anything to diminish the secret way it was outsourced, etc. I don't like Pitchford -- he has no respect for those who buy his games.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

Gearbox, if I can insist......please sit down and don't announce any new fact, I wouldn't work on any new games before you embarrass yourselves even further than you already have.

inb4 Pitchford starts getting overexcited about what his new game will be yet when its released it will be overly rushed after being worked on for 5 years and look like pure dog crap!

Avatar image for gamer7736

Duke Nukem Forever 2?

Avatar image for Danny_KickAzz

Homworld HD WHOOP!!

Avatar image for Dav_id83

Ha Ha Aliens Colonial Marines (The Way It Should Of Been)

Avatar image for JamesJoule

damn was hoping to hear something about borderlands 3 .. but new ips are always welcome though

Avatar image for boredom_kills

Cool - always interested too hear what these guys are up to. Look forward to the proper announcements.

Avatar image for RossRichard

People still care about Gearbox?

Avatar image for santinegrete

@RossRichard because Borderlands.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@RossRichard Millions. Yes.

Their "Inside Gearbox" session at PAX this weekend:

Avatar image for FTB_Screamer

I wonder if they will be published by SEGA?

Avatar image for Rambolike

@FTB_Screamer Heh!!

Avatar image for randomkidlol

Borderlands 2 bored me within the first 20 mins. Borderlands 1 was fine.

Avatar image for Xx_DemonSoul_xX

After that whole Aliens fiasco... I would never trust anything Gearbox does prior to reading a review of said game first. Although I'm always down for BL 3. ;)

Avatar image for Hiddai

I hope Brothers in arms will return!!!

Avatar image for ziproy

Tuh tell someone who cares

Avatar image for Snakepond1

Is it Alien 3 and Aliens 4?

Avatar image for Xx_DemonSoul_xX

@Snakepond1 No it's Aliens: Colonial Marines... Resurrection


Avatar image for Thanatos2k

@Xx_DemonSoul_xX Aliens vs Colonial Predators

Avatar image for themc_7

a new brothers in arms would be cool, the WW2 shooter era has been missing for the last few years. It'll be fun to get back into that again.

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

Oh gearbox... I've listened to randy pitchford's bullshit before, fooled me once with duke nukem forever, didn't fool me twice with aliens colonial bollocks, won't fool me again, just keep milking borderlands 2 dlc for all I care, i won't buy into ur crap anymore.

Avatar image for deactivated-57bac25e99ee3

If anything Gearbox needs redemption after what happened with Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines. Maybe they might get back on form with these new IPs that they'll focus on entirely, rather than rushing or handing the project to separate developers.

Avatar image for CaveManCobb

Forgive me if I don't jump for joy at this news. Gearbox games are hit or miss. Emphasis on the miss.

Avatar image for steelmouth

new IP are always a good thing and two new IP are even better :)

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

Gearbox and George Lucas; destroying childhood memories since...